Darkness Intensifies The Light

207The spiritual path consists of two sensations: positive and negative. On one hand, we reveal deficiency, desire, and sorrow, and on the other hand, fulfillment, light, and sweetness. These two sensations must be present because it is impossible to feel one without the other.

If I do not imagine a great, important goal in front of me, I will not feel the need for fulfillment. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for both the feeling of lack and the expectation of fulfillment, for joy and sorrow, that support and do not neutralize each other. In spirituality, the right and left lines do not interfere with each other, but on the contrary, they both connect in the middle line and give us the correct perception of spirituality.

Therefore, we need to rise above the suffering and overcome the feeling of emptiness, but the main thing in the work is to maintain a balance, a correct connection in the middle line, between one and the other. If we feel only suffering, it is not called a spiritual vessel, and if we only enjoy a pleasant sensation, it is not a spiritual fulfillment.

Both sensations must be present in the created being, and only when they are correctly combined can a person work correctly and come closer to the Creator. In this case, the main thing for him is not his feeling of emptiness or fulfillment but the contentment of the owner, and he is fulfilled from his service to the Creator, from the adhesion with Him that he has achieved.

Darkness and light, night and day, sorrow and joy, all of these come together and nothing disappears or is extinguished; each completes the other. If we manage to connect them in this way, we will create a vessel for the revelation of the Creator in which the deficiency, the screen, and the reflected light are combined.

The Creator creates the creation from complete zero and gives it all the means to achieve a perfect state of similarity to the Creator. Therefore, we should not try to diminish the light or the darkness. We need both of them together for the revelation of the Creator. When the right and left lines complete each other and are combined in the middle line, we discover inside the condition for the revelation of the Creator.

Darkness emphasizes the light, intensifies it. It is like a candle burning in the dark with oil in it that permeates the wick and allows it to burn.

We need to monitor ourselves so we do not just chase a good feeling, but add darkness and sorrow to it in order to build the correct Kli. The Creator gives us only a faint spark and we must kindle from it a large bright flame that will illuminate the entire reality. This is possible only through increasing the Kli.

The desire and the light positioned in front of each other should not extinguish each other. We should aim for the middle line so that the wick and the oil work together, radiating light from their burning. All problems, difficulties, questions, and limitations, must be consciously attached to the work so that with the help of friends and lessons, darkness and light will connect into one unbreakable whole. Darkness is intended to intensify the light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/20/20, “Work With Faith Above Reason”

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