How To Build Equal Relations In Society?

962.2Question: People feel unequal and demand equality. But when they achieve formal equality, they immediately try to destroy it and to stand out in any way. Where is the line between wanting to be like everyone else and running away from it?

Answer: Where it is beneficial for a person, one fights for equality, and where it is not, one fights for individuality.

Comment: Indeed, we see that in countries where people are equal, everyone starts trying to stand out in some way.

My Response: It’s impossible. Until a person gets the right amount of education that will lead him to a correct understanding of communication between all, this will not be achieved.

It turns out that inequality is the basis of communication. The whole world is built on exchange. Receiving would not make sense if everyone were equal.

Question: If we are not equal from the side of nature, does this mean that we should build equal relations in society ourselves?

Answer: Of course. We can demand from nature an explanation of what we are created like and what we should be, by what force we should bring ourselves from the present state to the right one, and so on.

Question: People have always fought for equal rights, general equality before the law. Are we really supposed to be equal in this? This is like the first stage, and then everyone should invest depending on their qualities?

Answer: Even these conditions of equality must be approached through a general law of nature where we are all dependent on each other and are in correct communication with each other. We cannot just take one law and start abiding by it, and even punish those who fail to comply with it.

Question: Are you for everyone having equal opportunities?

Answer: Conditionally equal. There are laws of kings, laws of plebeians, laws for peasants, for slaves, for everyone! Each level has its own laws, because they can’t even understand each other.

A person should have conditionally equal opportunities with all others that allow him to realize himself correctly.

What does equality mean? Any dynamic deterministic system consists of a huge number of subsystems, each of which has its own rules, the so-called steps. And therefore the system itself is integral, but internally,  with each other, it works not on an integral basis, but on a differential basis.

As in our body there are more important and less important organs for the whole body. That is, the calculation is made with the general organism.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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