Egoistic Partnership

273.01Question: I recently received an email from someone who started a business with a friend over 30 years ago. He writes: “When we opened the business, we decided that each would complement the other: my partner gives ideas and I implement them, solve all issues. We divide everything 50 by 50.

“We worked like this for over 10 years until we made a lot of money. Then he demanded 80% of the total revenue for himself and justified everything by the fact that the ideas were his. Then I could not resist and said that all these years I had been supporting him, paying him for empty days when he was in thought, on vacation, depressed, etc.

“On this day, the principle of equality was violated and we became enemies. We didn’t speak for a month. And then it turned out that he sued me. Once closest friends, today we are ardent enemies.”

If we consider this situation through the prism of the integrality of nature, what could be the distribution of income and what is the equality between these partners? Is it correct that they originally split everything in half? After all, one of them later broke the contract.

Answer: The fact is that their partnership was purely egoistic, and therefore I have no idea how to solve this issue. I have nothing to do with this.

My job is to study completely different systems that complement each other and work on completely different principles where by giving to another you win.

If they understood the purpose of nature, then each would take as much as one needs to live normally and give all the excess to society. This is how the real profit would be measured. That is, the solution lies in a completely different plane.

Question: The saddest thing is that the process of educating these two businessmen could take decades. And what should they do before they come to the revelation of higher management? How should they share the profits? Are there any steps here?

Answer: I think that everything is much easier than you think. Let’s say that their wealth disappeared and there is a minimum left to exist. Now let them build relationships with each other. That’s all.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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