For The Sake Of Society, Not For Yourself

546.02Question: Can you explain the principle of “from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs”? Can we say that this is the main principle of the new economy?

Answer: Naturally. Society should give a person what is necessary for his normal existence, no more and no less. In return, it should require of him all possible participation in the life and prosperity of society.

Do not measure the good of society by the growth of product output. If you have everything you need, there is no need to increase production. Man is the same animal. He needs as much as he can consume. Not more.

He should not consume 5,000 calories today if he consumed 2,000 yesterday. The growth of social welfare does not consist in this, but in a greater connection between people, in order to reveal to each other the higher layers of nature.

Remark: By saying this, you are canceling Maslow’s pyramid. It is clear that the rich can no longer eat and sleep in three beds. But behind basic needs, there is social growth of egoistic desires for honor, power, and knowledge. You can not jump over them.

My Comment: It depends on your upbringing. When I use these means to benefit society, they will not be defined as power, knowledge, strength, fame, etc. It will be called something else because I do it for the sake of society.

Question: What will a person enjoy?

Answer: The fact that he will be respected not for power, but for working for others. He will evaluate his work in accordance with the assessment of society.

Question: So, will the desire for wealth, power, and knowledge still remain?

Answer: They will take on a different form: for the sake of society, not for their own sake.

Question: Will the rich people still stay?

Answer: No. There will be no rich people. Society will not allow itself to have such people. Moreover, a person brought up in a new environment will not want to be like this.

Question: But the desire for knowledge will certainly continue. Scientists will be respected for their discoveries. What is the difference between today’s scientists and the scientists of the future? What will drive them?

Answer: Those and others are working to satisfy their selfish desire for knowledge. It does not interfere with society. Anything that does not hinder society or allow it to move ahead toward greater integration is commendable. The public good should serve as a compass.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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