Everything Is Aimed At Connection

557Question: The result of human labor is a product, a service, or information. Before a product reaches the consumer, it goes through dozens, if not millions of hands. For example, for me to drink a cup of coffee, probably millions of people invested their efforts in its collection and production. Can this somehow connect us with each other?

Answer: If we understand how much we are connected with each other in determining a more or less normal, tolerable, or even good existence for everyone, we will appreciate each other. This should be demonstrated to everyone.

Question: Previously, people had organic farms and they ate what they grew in their garden. They did not have much contact with others.

Today, if you look at household items, I think the whole world took some part in producing them. Is there some sort of deep meaning in this?

Answer: From this example, we can see that we are better off communicating with each other so that we would provide for ourselves more easily. After all, in some places of the world it is good to produce, in others to extract, in others to process, and so on. That is, everything depends on the natural conditions.

As it is written in the Torah: “Go and earn from each other.”
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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