Conveying Spiritual Feelings

549.02Question: Can students who have been studying for a while share their attainments, feelings, and personal experiences with new students?

Answer: No, because it is impossible to convey them, just as it is impossible for a musician to convey his developed feelings to a new student who has just started to understand music. It is all the more so when it comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah because a person can convey his feelings to another only if they both share them.

A person who does not share the feelings a Kabbalist feels on different spiritual levels will not be able to understand them. Suppose I tell you “Netzach of Zeir Anpin,” what’s next?

You need to acquire these attributes, and then we may have the right language that we can use and speak about mutual empathy.

Question: How can I answer new students questions about the spiritual level that I am on and what I have attained?

Answer: Simple, you need to explain to them that they will understand it with time as they continue to study. When they attain your level they will see where you are.

It is about states that should appear in a person, and then you can speak to him about it. It is just like we cannot speak with a first grade student about what is studied in fifth grade, and with a fifth grade student about what is studied in the tenth grade.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/11/18

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