Do Not Trigger Fire Upon Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a strict ban: You should never talk about the inner states in which you exist. After all, many of your friends still do not have the anti-egoistic screen, and they can harm you with their envy, hatred, and pride even without wishing to do so.

They seemingly do not want to harm you, but the lack of their inner correction forces them to do that if they see that you are above them and have more inspiration, if you achieved more connection and came closer to the goal. The one who has not yet reached correction cannot tolerate this and will harm you.

If you start sharing your personal sensations, you trigger the fire upon yourself. It is written that 99% of all failures happen due to the “evil eye.” This is not some mystical superstition that people believe in, but rather the normal envy of someone towards you.

As a matter of fact, we exist in the system of forces and connected desires. The one who envies you diminishes your power. Instead of love and connection, he passes a negative force to you.

If this just happens in the outside world, there is nothing we can do about it because the world is still uncorrected. However, if this happens with a friend within a group, and in addition, you are at fault for provoking such a reaction, it turns out that you harmed both him and yourself. You are the one who caused this “evil eye,” and it is not your friend’s fault because he still has not reached correction.

The system of laws force us to act this way. The forces of envy, hatred, pride, thirst for power and glory stand opposite to the positive forces of love and bestowal. In order to allow the positive forces to act within us, we have to be modest.

Kabbalists explain how we should use all these forces so that they facilitate good, effective, and fast advancement.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. The emotions you mention in this article are extremely powerful and can sabotage a friendship. People feel them towards you even if you do not say anything.

  2. If a person has already triggered fire, what can they do to fix it?

  3. As it is said, humble yourself before the lord (:

    Humility is very important, don’t cast pearls before swine lest they turn and use it to rend you.

    That being said, I imagine you must be taking a great risk leading our organization. That being the case, thank you for your bestowal (:

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