Conditional Equality

629.1Question: Is equality one of the main principles of communication?

Answer: In general, yes. But this is conditional equality because there is no one person who is equal to another. Otherwise, we would have become one.

The principle of correct communication is that everyone can express themselves as fully as possible in a collective action.

Question: Throughout history, the meaning of social equality has constantly changed. In antiquity, equality was observed within the estates, while there was no equality between the estates.

In medieval Christian philosophy, it was believed that everyone is equal before God, although everyone understood what God is in their own way.

In the Age of Enlightenment, the concept of social equality was based on personal qualities, on individualism: everyone should have equal rights and equality before the law. But they did not take into account that all people are different by nature, and so it still turned out to be inequality.

Socialist teachings led people to equalization.

As a result of the constant desire for equality, society has come to the triumph of liberalism and permissiveness. How do you see the next stage of development?

Answer: Equality means that everyone should strive to make society integral to the best of their abilities. In this integrality, we will become conditionally equal.

Everyone will receive and give as much as they can, can, need, and should. We cannot weigh each person and say how much they owe and how much they do not. It is the right relationship between people that should lead them not to statistical, but conditional equality.

Question: If everyone got everything they wanted and everyone was satisfied with their needs, would it be possible to say that we are equal in this?

Answer: No. Even if you imagine such a fantastic future, it will not give anything.

It is not enough for our nature to receive only. We must also give because we are social elements that exist at the expense of each other. So here you need to enter another parameter: how much I get and how much I give. One cannot exist without the other.
From KabTV’s”Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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