The Wisdom Of The Crowd And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

530Question: The effect of the wisdom of crowd is that the generalized opinion of a large group of people allows for more accurate answers and predictions. But this only happens when members of the crowd make judgments independently of one another. Why? How does it work?

Answer: The principle of collective data processing where everyone looks for himself at opposite opinions, opposite views, opposite schools, this is a slightly different principle than in Kabbalah.  And when they try to generalize the result together, it turns out much better and much more true than the result each one would have reached individually. But this is still not what Kabbalah says.

According to Kabbalah, we should rise to the level of faith above reason, that is, above ourselves, and solve problems not in an egoistic way—how much smarter each of us is and can connect more with others—but be in faith above reason, be able to master the strength of the team, to rise above the individuality of each one and above the common individuality.

By adding up our egoisms, we simultaneously collect together the desire to rise above our total ego. It turns out that on one hand, we have a huge common egoism, and on the other hand, we acquire anti-egoistic strength. And then we can really do a very high-quality, completely new action, which is built on giving and not receiving.

Remark: This is similar to what Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” It is always solved at a higher level. That is, the next step is connection between people.

My Comment: Yes. And although Einstein instinctively came to this, the diagnosis is correct.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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