It’s Hard To Be Omnipotent, But Let’s Try…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: According to crowd-sourcing (wisdom of the crowd) technologies, any kind of discussion is an enemy to the collective mind, since when they talk, people become cautious. It leads to a minimization of their thinking diversity. How does it go together with the integral approach? Should an integral group preserve its diversity? In what spheres should we unite and become as one?

Answer: We do not need to worry about diversity. Diversity takes place when everybody retains their own shapes of egoism, and just like people have different faces, people have dissimilar internal qualities. Obviously, this fact manifests in a purely egoistic way.

If we accept someone as part of a team and let them contribute to a group whatever their individuality is able to give, they begin thinking differently. In other words, their individual qualities show up in a more convex way and they start thinking: “How and what can I give to this team?”

In this case, our egoism “swells”; it learns to think differently, not about what we can receive, but rather about what we can give. When receiving, I have a very limited need, my personal one. When we think of what we can give (let’s say we live in some virtual space and share altruistic integral liaisons), then we make an effort to understand what other people on our team want.

Based on this, I become similar to God, although it’s extremely hard to. It means that each of us has to take care of nine other friends. We don’t mind playing this role, but what can we give to others? What would the first, the second, the third… friend want? At this point, we start unleashing our imagination. This is when our resourcefulness becomes unrestricted. We develop it instead of restraining it.

What does one need while he is still in one’s miniscule egoism? No matter how much one fantasizes, it still ends up being narrow and primitive; everybody pursues the same dreams.

However, we manage to reveal the whole world since our friends (to whom we try to bestow) aspire to a totally different level of existence. So, we do our best to become powerful and provide others with what they want.
From Kab TV’s “Wisdom of the Crowd – 2”, 5/14/13

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