How Do We Reach Equality?

laitman_527.03Comment: In our world, equality is a something that people have constantly fought for throughout history.

Answer: There is no equality and there never can be. Equality can only be with respect to the Creator because to Him we are all equal, like children are for their parents. The Creator is our common root. And consequently, we are created absolutely equal by Him.

But with respect to each other, we are all different. We cannot even measure the kind of differences between us. There is no common measuring stick to compare us. Only as we approach adhesion with the Creator and unite in Him do we all become equal before Him.

Question: Can it be said that we are equal in our desire for adhesion with Him?

Answer: Even in this we are not quite equal, but we are gradually getting there.

Only by adhering to Him and becoming His “slaves” do we acquire equality because in slavery everyone is same.

When you obey the upper system, participate in it in the right way, then this state, in principle, is called slavery. But this slavery is filled with a tremendous sense of inspiration and joy.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/9/17

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