Equality And Diversity

562.01Question: There are several conditions for people to unite. First, there must be social sensitivity, that is, a tendency to unite. Second, the presence of women in the team is needed, and third, absence of a declared leader.

Under these three conditions, a group of people can unite and solve a problem that lies on a higher plane. The intelligence of individual group members is secondary.

Equality and diversity are what make it possible to make the best decision in a team. Why should both of these factors be present at the same time?

Answer: If two opposites are able to unite above their egoistic qualities and goals, then between them they reach a new collective quality, which is already higher than both of them.

Question: Does it mean that individuals must be very different but equal in relation to the goal they want to achieve?

Answer: Yes. Therefore, they achieve hundreds of times more.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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