Relationship Between Teacher And Student

laitman_528.04Question: The role of the teacher is very important in studying the wisdom of Kabbalah.
What is a Kabbalah teacher?

Answer: First of all, it is the one who has received knowledge from a recognized Kabbalist. Second, he teaches from original sources. Third, he does not attract attention to his personality. And fourth, he directs everyone to the revelation of the Creator.

Question: What is the interaction between the student and the teacher?

Answer: The interaction depends on the student, not on the teacher. The teacher can help the student in everything that can benefit him. However, he completely detaches himself from interfering with the inner world of the student, thus teaching him to become self-attaining.

On one hand, there is a constant concern for the development and care of the student. But the teacher always keeps a certain distance from the student in order to give him a feeling of freewill, freedom of action, freedom of decisions, and so on, because no one can be a substitute for student’s independent progress.

Question: What is the difference between a Kabbalah teacher and a teacher of other disciplines?

Answer: A Kabbalah teacher does not teach as much as he gives the student advice how, by changing himself, he can reveal what he needs to attain. What student comprehends is his, not the teacher’s attainment.

He goes along a certain path, constantly developing his inner properties, his soul, and achieves even greater revelation of the Creator. This is purely his personal achievement. Therefore, the teacher here is just an external, helping source.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah”, 11/20/18

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