Respect And Self-Control

546.02Question: Is it possible to teach a person to respect someone?

Answer: We learn only from examples. Thus, when we show someone a good example, they grow up to be good people. Respect is a positive feeling. But sometimes it can limit a person and cause one to regress. Therefore, one needs to develop self-control.

Expecting purely egoistic respect from others can cause one to close in on oneself. After all, if everyone starts honoring him, he stops growing and only demands more respect no matter the situation, as long as it is given to him. But if respect is directed outward, it facilitates our advancement.

Remark: You have repeatedly mentioned that signs of respect from society are very detrimental to someone who wants to achieve self-actualization or spiritual development.

My Comment: It is simply disastrous! Sometimes, of course, it is good to hear positive feedback about yourself but, in general, it is enough for the environment to only point out the correct direction for your advancement.

Positive feedback and compliments make one feel content, limits their development, and smooths out all sorts of feelings of self-inadequacy.

It is not about putting pressure on a person so that he cannot lift his head. But there must be a very serious line of self-control that keeps revealing additional deficiencies in a person that need to be filled with knowledge and attainment.

Much is written about this in our sources. For example, they say that if a teacher receives a lot of attention and respect from his students, he may stop developing spiritually. This should be avoided.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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