To Convey Your Message To The Audience

522.01Question: It seems every speaker should be a psychologist. After all, if he understands the inner world of a person, he knows what to say to him, what points to press on so that he is moved. Does it work in integral education when we want to bring people together? Should I press on these points too?

Answer: Certainly. There even more so. You must put a person in certain states, not just one, but several, and direct them to be connected to each other and play certain forms of communication, behavior, connection, withdrawal. Based on these exercises, they should come to a certain conclusion.

Question: How does one correctly envision the image of the audience? Should one focus on a single person or perceive the audience in general?

Answer: I do not set out to envision the image of the audience because I consciously bring my message to them, and after a few phrases it begins to work in people, and they already relate in a certain way to me, to time, to the place, to what is happening.

I go out to people in order to unite them so that they in their connection begin to get a more accurate, higher picture of the world.

Question: What is the best way to behave with the audience: to be equal with them or to show them your superiority?

Answer: You should be a teacher, a tutor. More experienced, not higher. You should never put pressure on them. But where necessary, you can rein them in so that the educational process is not interfered with.

Question: How do you feel the need of the people who are sitting in front of you? How do you feel what your students are lacking?

Answer: I have to get them interested in the material, which I will explain. So I always start by telling them something new and special that they can listen to. I try to inspire them, make them wonder, and want to know what I want to convey to them. And then I introduce them to my vision of nature and society.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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