The Future Is In The Application Of The Kabbalistic Method

248.01Remark: In an article published in June 1940, Baal HaSulam explicitly stated that all our troubles stem from a lack of unity. He wrote that we are like a heap of nuts that are united by a bag covering and binding them. But this measure of unity does not make them a cohesive organism.

My Comment: Jews are united only by suffering, political pressure, and the external hatred of all the peoples of the world. And from the inside, we are all in absolute rejection of each other. Therefore, this condition is wrong, unhealthy, and not for long.

Question: What is the future of the State of Israel based on spiritual roots?

Answer: We know that spiritual properties in a person can manifest and develop only from the feeling of a clear need for them.

Today we are in a state where we see that there are no “sacred cows” in the world, there is nothing from which to learn. Once everyone believed that one can learn from America, before that from Russia, etc. But no.

There is nothing worthwhile in the world, everything is falling apart, not any system justifies itself. In this state, we hope that people will finally turn to the science of Kabbalah and understand what society should be like, how people should properly educate themselves and create an absolutely new society that will exist in harmony with the entire integral nature.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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