A Kabbalist On the Art of Listening

961.2Question: What kind of listener do you consider yourself: ideal, above average, in need of additional training, or mediocre?

Answer: I do not even know. I hardly listen to anyone. I tried to listen to my teacher by simply opening all channels.

Question: Do you listen to your students?

Answer: I listen to their questions because I am very interested in answering them correctly.

Question: Are you a good listener?

Answer: No.

Question: Whom are you willing to listen to continuously? Is there such a person on Earth?

Answer: No, there are no such people in the world today.

Question: Were you a good listener when you were studying with your teacher?

Answer: I hope so! Even though I was not very good, I was still better than in all other instances in my life.

Question: What factor do you think influences one’s listening ability the most?

Answer: First, there must be desire. You must understand that what you hear can never be found anywhere else because you are receiving the information you need the most.

Question: Who, in your opinion, is a better listener: a man or a woman?

Answer: I think a man. A woman is more inclined to talk, to exchange information. A man tends to be silent and listen.

Question: If you could either hear or speak for 24 hours, what would you rather sacrifice: hearing or speaking?

Answer: Speaking. Listening is more important and I would talk to myself.

Question: Do you like to listen to other people’s advice?

Answer: In general, yes.

Question: Do you like listening to music?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you think you can learn to listen or is it a gift?

Answer: No, it depends on your needs. When you are exactly in tune with what you need, you search for this channel, for this source.

Question: Is there a connection between people’s desire to unite and listening skills?

Answer: Yes. Necessarily. Shared conversations, shared ideas and topics bring people together.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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