How Can You Force Yourself To Listen To Another Person?

565.02Question: What advice can you give about how to force oneself to listen to someone else? Let us say that as a boss, I understand that I have to listen to my subordinate, but I do not want to. Can I force myself to do this?

Answer: Only if you love him or are afraid of him. You must receive either positive or negative feelings from him, but positive ones are best. In other words, either you are afraid of him and it is more profitable for you to listen to him, or you love him and listen to him because it is agreeable to you.

Question: Psychologists advise managers to listen to their subordinates for a few minutes a day. A worker needs to be listened to; this is even more important to him than the salary. But to listen to someone for a long time is against our nature. What is the solution here?

Answer: We must correct ourselves and then it will work out. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the general correction of all of mankind and of each of us. If we yearn for this, then we will naturally feel it in all relations between us.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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