Will The End Of The World Come?

629.4Comment:  Igor wrote a comment about one of your videos about the last generation: “You have come up with a terrible name, the last generation. But I like this name. Yes, we are the last generation because the end of the world is approaching. And I am glad about it.”

My Response: I do not know what he imagines as the end of the world. I do depict the end of our world.

The last generation is the last generation of egoism, the last that exists in this egoism, in this terrible relationship between people, etc. And then the next generation will come. It is not the last; it is the first generation of the new world.

We are still the last generation. We must recognize the evil of all of our past states and simply swear that we will never use it again.

Question: This generation should realize the evil of egoism?

Answer: Yes. So much so that it will never return to it so that this impression from the recognition of evil will remain in it and serve as the correct support, the soil for germination of a new generation.

Question: What is your job? To make people understand and accept this?

Answer: To inform them that we are egoists, that we must rise above it, that we must take the positive force of nature as the basis of our existence and not the evil, not the negative force of nature. And thus move forward.

Question: When such people ask questions, it is clear where they are leading to, that there will be an apocalypse, the end of the world, it is written in many holy books. What does it mean? What is the end of the world?

Answer: The end of the world means the end of our egoistic existence.

Nature is eternal, nothing ends, we will not disappear. We will still grow over and over again. So, nothing threatens us. On the contrary, we will be forced to return to these states again and again in order to draw the right conclusion and live correctly.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/15/21

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