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What Does A Woman Find In Kabbalah?

294.4Question: Why do women come to study Kabbalah and why are there so many of them? What do they find in Kabbalah?

Answer: Women come to us to study because they feel that in this world they have nothing to rely on, that all their feminine, maternal care about a life partner they can rely on, about children who need to be educated, brought up, and supported, that taking care of the house, and about building the right family, they do not know how to do it. And men do not know as well.

Therefore, women see that in this way they begin to receive some answers about how everything works, how everything can be put in order, and therefore, they come to Kabbalah. First of all, because it gives them some kind of confidence, some kind of base, so that they can create the right atmosphere in the house, in the family, at work, in the city where they live, and in the world.

Question: Why is their desire for the spiritual so great?

Answer: I think that women strive, first of all, not for the spiritual. They come to Kabbalah because they see an absolutely unrequited existence in the material.

There is no answer: why and for what do we exist? What is happening here? How to arrange this world? How to do something right with children. There is no answer, and a woman is at a loss. If she has answers to the most important questions about existence, then she is already calm.

And the most important thing is the question: “What will happen to my children, to us?” This question in life, in the world, it is very, very vibrant.

The woman, first of all, comes to answer it. And when she begins to understand that what is being said here is about universal psychology, about universal development, universal correction, and so on, then despite all these enormous scales of Kabbalah that are being revealed—universal and beyond that—women still continue to study, and this is necessary.

This is not from the point of view of acquaintance and curiosity. For a woman, this is necessarily much, much deeper. She is looking for a foundation, a certainty, on which she can exist.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/4/21

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“Why There Is Hatred” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Why There Is Hatred

Wherever you look there is hatred. It’s no longer a matter of international relations, but within countries, societies seem to be splintering into smaller and smaller pieces, and each piece thinks it’s got a monopoly on the truth, making it entitled to deride, mock, but mainly hate everyone who thinks otherwise. However, there is a reason for this alarming intensification of hatred: Without it, we will not want to change ourselves.

Hatred is our inherent nature, as it is written, “The inclination of a man’s heart is evil from his youth” (Gen. 8:21). At the same time, the rest of nature also consists of a good inclination, and the two are balanced everywhere except in humanity. The reason we are created “handicapped” is that this is the only way to compel us to want the good inclination consciously, of our own volition, and choose to balance our inclinations rather than remain in our inherent wickedness.

Hatred is our inherent nature, as it is written, “The inclination of a man’s heart is evil from his youth” (Gen. 8:21). At the same time, the rest of nature also consists of a good inclination, and the two are balanced everywhere except in humanity. The reason we are created “handicapped” is that this is the only way to compel us to want the good inclination consciously, of our own volition, and choose to balance our inclinations rather than remain in our inherent wickedness.

On the one hand, it’s true that had we had both inclinations to begin with, we wouldn’t do all the damage we are doing to each other, to animals and plants, and to Earth. On the other hand, understanding the workings of reality would be impossible since we would naturally behave correctly with each other and with nature, without giving it a second thought. That would create perfect human animals, but we would never become human beings, which is the goal of our existence.

Now that the hatred is evident among us, we can, and actually must begin to cultivate the opposite quality. We must, because if we don’t, we will destroy our species, and possibly everything else on the face of the Earth, and we must, because this is the only way we can learn how reality works, the balance that exists throughout the universe and all of reality. Only if we develop the quality of goodness and love, the opposite of hatred, we will be able to witness firsthand how all of nature operates, and we would learn how to manage our lives successfully.

And the way to build this opposite quality is with each other. Just as now we hate each other, we should start building the opposite feeling. Just as nature doesn’t suppress anything but lets everything be in perfect coexistence, we should build this love among us on top of the hatred without suppressing it. In other words, we should feel the hate, and then make love more important to us than the hatred we feel, and strive to act accordingly.

The hatred is not redundant; it is essential to the process. We can build the opposite feeling atop the initial hatred if we realize that without feeling the hatred, we will never need or want to love, and we will therefore never know what love is.

Once we overcome a certain level of hatred, another level will emerge, a deeper, more sinister one. But it will appear only so as to cover this one, too, with love. And because the level of hatred will be stronger than before, so will the level of love we will build atop it.

Gradually, we will become grateful for feeling the hatred, since its reward is the increase of love. We will realize that we cannot love unless we hate first, and if we use it as an incentive instead of succumbing to it, we will become more loving human beings.

“IMF: Covid Scars The Vulnerable The Most” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “IMF: Covid Scars the Vulnerable the Most

On the homepage of its website, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) writes that it is “an organization of 190 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.” In a report the IMF published recently, titled After-Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the organization concludes that “The degree of expected scarring varies across countries, depending on the structure of economies… Emerging market and developing economies are expected to suffer more scarring than advanced economies.” As usual, the rich and powerful get away with everything, and the exploited weak bear the brunt. We don’t need an organization of 190 countries to know that this is the case, but to change it. When it does nothing to change it, it means that its purpose is not to change the situation but to perpetuate it, mask the ploy from the vulnerable, and if possible, collect a few compliments on its great service to society.

The pandemic is a blessing for the rich and powerful. They use organizations like the IMF as lip-service, and I have zero expectations from them. When they act, it is only in order to gain even more wealth and power. When you bring them an idea, start with what benefit they will get out of it. If you don’t, don’t waste your time or theirs. Things won’t change until the poor raise an outcry that they can no longer survive. Then, things will get interesting. But the clash will be short-lived. In the end, nothing will change because the ego has not changed.

The pandemic is a blessing for the rich and powerful. They use organizations like the IMF as lip-service, and I have zero expectations from them. When they act, it is only in order to gain even more wealth and power. When you bring them an idea, start with what benefit they will get out of it. If you don’t, don’t waste your time or theirs. Things won’t change until the poor raise an outcry that they can no longer survive. Then, things will get interesting. But the clash will be short-lived. In the end, nothing will change because the ego has not changed.

If the rich can get away from the crowd by hopping on a private jet to a resort in the Maldives, what incentive will they have to change anything? It looks like things will change only when humanity is lying face down in the gutter. As long as heads of states can get away from it all, and get away with it, nothing will change. On the contrary, there will be “world peace” based on a global economy where people have equally nothing, and a global moral system that says, “Steal as much as you can, however you can, and wherever you can.”

You would think that there is no point talking about the situation, but that is not the case. A change will come, but it will happen only when the lie is exposed to the whole world, and the world cannot ignore it. When this happens, humanity will not sit idly when more than 400,000 people are diagnosed with Covid every single day in India alone, and 4,000 people die there for lack of oxygen and basic medical treatment or adequate facilities. A few weeks ago, this disgrace was happening in Brazil, now it is happening in India, in a few weeks it will happen elsewhere, and we don’t care until it hits us in the face. It isn’t just “aid” organizations that are indifferent; it is all of us.

If we cared, they wouldn’t dare. They wouldn’t have the audacity to contort their faces in phony frowns of sympathy.

Sincerely, I have no hope that a change will come from suffering. People will continue to ache until they feel that death is better than living, but they will still not change. The only thing that will eventually change us is the realization that our only strength is in each other. Then, when people turn toward each other, they will realize that they cannot unite, that their hearts are frozen, and this is why they’re suffering. Only when people try to merge their hearts will they realize that their egoism is their enemy, the cause of their afflictions, and that all along, it has been fooling them into thinking that it is someone else’s fault.

When we try to form a bond, we will finally find the strength and gumption that we need in order to overcome our ordeals. The horrific future on our path will materialize only if we remain oblivious to the solution of unity, the only solution that can work.

Human suffering is not written in stone; it is written in our hearts of stone. If we turn our hearts toward each other, it will soften them, and this will soften our fate.

Nature isn’t cruel. No animal suffers as much as we do, unless we afflict it on them. The only thing that’s cruel in nature is human nature. If we change it, by reaching out to one another and forming a bond that is similar to the bonds among all parts of nature, nature will cease its lashing at us. Then, and only then, we will begin to heal, and start living for real.

By Inner Instinct Or Egoistic Calculation?

627.2Comment: Many people who get married try to draw up a prenuptial agreement in such a way as to win at the expense of the other party.

My Response: Naturally. Our egoism already implies this. Why do we create a family?

A woman gets married because she sees that she has a reliable partner with whom she can have children. And he will provide for the family as much as he can.

She looks at him as a serious support for her future children, like a female looks at a male who must provide her with everything necessary for reproduction and raising offspring. This is a woman’s natural attitude to marriage.
Talk to biologists and psychologists about this. This is the only way we choose.

But the problem is that we have moved away from nature. Animals choose according to their scent, to their inner instinct. A female sees that it is with this male that she will be able to create the most optimal family and raise offspring. This is how nature arranged it.

But in humans all sorts of distortions are superimposed on this. For example, a man is interested in the length of a woman’s legs, whether she graduated from university, what the environment will say, or something else. We are very confused about each other’s assessments. But if we were acting by nature, this would, of course, be ideal.

Question: Why, when drawing up marital contracts, do men try to avoid the question of how to provide for their wife? They try to take everything from their wife, even if the children stay with her.

Answer: Why do women go for it? Why is such a contract drawn up? The most important thing in a family contract is to give a wife the opportunity to give birth and raise children. This is what a family exists for.

Comment: Today men do not want to get married at all, they are satisfied with civil marriages. Apparently, this is the answer to the fact that a woman who wants to start a family agrees to such conditions and signs a marriage contract.

My Response: Or because the state assumes this part of providing for a woman with children whose husband leaves her. Therefore, she subconsciously considers these options, and realizing that she can get help from society, from the state, agrees to such an agreement.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Marriage Contract” 8/19/09

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The Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Kill”

962.2Comment: The sixth commandment is “Thou shalt not kill.” The upper force, God, says: “Thou shalt not kill.” On the other hand, when the nation entered the land of Israel, He said, “Destroy all who live there, from the old to the children and the animals, everyone must be destroyed.”

My Response: The commandment “Thou shalt not kill” implies “do not kill the human being in you.” It does not imply anything else. Even the greatest King of Israel David fought for 40 years and took an active part in battles where tens of thousands of people died every day.

Therefore, we need to understand what “Thou shalt not kill” means. In our world, the same Creator created such conditions that it is impossible to do without “killing.” The world practically stands on murder. You kill animals. You kill people. You kill yourself. You are killing everything. So “Thou shalt not kill” are beautiful words that we can twist as we like.

The Torah means “thou shall not kill the human in you.” And all other problems that exist between us in our lives, we must gradually correct. There is no absolute law of “Thou shalt not kill.” There are even laws where a person is sentenced to death for certain crimes.

According to the Torah, there are four types of death: stoning, hanging, strangulation, and burning.

Any law in our world does not come from the Creator but from people. There is always a thick supplement to it that explains the letter of the law.

Question: But there is, for example, the law of gravity. Do these laws of physics have any other applications?

Answer: No. You are talking about a physical manifestation that we call the law of nature. It does not depend on us and is carried out directly, whether we like it or not.

A commandment is a law that is given to a person to fulfill so that he would resemble the upper nature that you clearly do not see but in which these laws are manifested in the same way as the law of gravity in our world.

Spiritual laws are laws of the existence and functioning of the corrected soul. That is, you reveal these laws within yourself.

Question: Is it possible to articulate at least one central law?

Answer: “Love your neighbor as yourself” is a general law of nature. It is on a level above what we can observe with our earthly qualities.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #11

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So That Nature Does Not Strike Us

961Today I am constantly getting hit by nature. How can I make sure that it does not strike but will stroke me so that everything is good: the sun shines, the rain, the clouds, everything is in due time, everything is good? So that I would live without knowing any bitterness?

I would not exist the way my body exists, but at a higher level where I understand nature, where I connect with it by my “I,” because I consciously enter into harmony with it.

Suddenly I begin to connect to the layer of nature where it controls me, I come into contact with it and feel myself in an eternal, perfect layer of nature. It is higher than the animal level I exist in now.

For this, we have been given the science of Kabbalah, with the help of which we can recognize the part of nature hidden from us. Therefore, Kabbalah is called a secret science. When we see these laws and feel their impact on us, we can build our behavior in accordance with them. This is completely real and clear because I see how I should act.

Kabbalah is indispensable here. Therefore, it is revealed in our time. For the first time in the history of mankind it became necessary for everyone.

Question: Is it necessary because we have reached a certain level at which we must recognize the level of nature?

Answer: We have reached a very simple level—collapse, where we are in a general crisis of upbringing, family, health care, ecology, politics, finance, everything. We try to run away and close our eyes because we do not see a solution. Naturally, a person immediately turns on his restrictive internal systems. It is better not to see the bad tomorrow, I will live today.

But in the end, we feel that we need to understand something in our life; otherwise, we will not be able to exist. The younger generation already feels it clearly.

Today, millions of people in the world understand that we cannot live without the method of balance with nature, which Kabbalah speaks of. This understanding arises within a crisis state, within that detachment and emptiness that modern man feels.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Marriage Contract” 8/19/09

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How Does One Strengthen The Connection With The Creator?

942Question: How is it possible to strengthen the connection with the Creator  to get an answer to my question?

Answer: It is possible to strengthen the connection only through a correct response and not in any other way.

The more that the friends participate in a connection with the Creator, the wider, deeper, and stronger it will be. You will begin to feel more precise harmonies, meaning that you will notice the higher elements of the relationship between you: why, what for, and so on.

This only depends on the extent to which you conduct a connection to the Creator through the group.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/3/19

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United Consciousness In Our World And In The Spiritual World

942Question: In our world there is the so-called wisdom of the crowd. What is the difference between this united consciousness and the one in the spiritual world?

Answer: The fact is that, in our world, when we want to invest together in some common cause, we partially annul ourselves. Therefore, everyone expresses their opinion in order to achieve some good overall result. We kind of subconsciously use this Kabbalistic principle.

Nullifying myself, I add up with others; “Let’s try together.” As a result, we get something more or less perfect, better than each of us had separately. This is, in general, the correct principle.

But Kabbalists say, “Let us unite, not in order to compose some beautiful appeal or solve some riddle, but to create an empty space between us, where everyone puts himself, free from egoism.”

That’s when I push myself away and want to be here with others, then we collect all our parts free from egoism. This consciousness has nothing to do with everyone’s self. Basically, it is empty because we do not have it. We only create it by our own efforts and then a higher level, a higher consciousness, is manifested within it.

Question: Jung introduced the following concept of collective consciousness: unification based on common archetypes that are accepted and understood by all members of the group. What is the difference between this kind of unity and the unity of consciousness based on self-nullification?

Answer: Kabbalists have different goals and a different technique. The technique depends on the goal, what I want to achieve. I want to achieve the property of bestowal, to connect above myself with others. That is, I want to portray a property from myself that is not within me so that it appears above me. In this case, I am, as it were, the basis over which I wish to portray myself.

Question: So, the difference is in the level of connection with the information field?

Answer: Of course! Rising in this way, I do not bring any of my indignations, errors, or anything into this field. To the extent that I do this, I begin to feel it, at least a little of its radiation.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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Difference Between Spiritual And Earthly Mathematics

548.03Comment: Today mathematics has developed greatly. Kabbalists have never known this. The only thing close to mathematics in Kabbalah is Gematria.

My Response: In principle, mathematics reflects the dependence between some parameters. So, if we take our desires on the one hand, and the desires of the higher field on the other, then as Kabbalah believes and reveals, there is nothing besides these two parameters.

Therefore, all our knowledge also consists of zero and one. We can write down any given in this way. Kabbalists describe the relationship between various stages, but describe it in the form of a condition: if you know how to approach changing yourself at some level, then make yourself the necessary instrument, feel and see what is being said.

That is, earthly sciences link various data into a single chain, but all this is not experienced by man, and exists as it were, outside of us.

And Kabbalah is a science that is felt by us, and first of all, it should tune us to this feeling, without detaching from nature. Therefore, it describes man and nature according to a completely different principle—as our steps to merge with nature.

Mathematics is the relationship between data. But the problem is that in our world all this happens in egoistic properties and therefore does not lead to similarity, but on the contrary, to differentiation, to rupture, as a result of which a multitude of all kinds of properties, formulas, interdependencies, and other things appear.

But when you walk only in likeness, then you almost do not need mathematics because in the spiritual world everything is graduated in 125 steps, and each of them has five levels. You must become like each of them. To do this, you need to bring your egoism to a state corresponding to a certain level. That is, everything is very specific.

And in our world, because we work in an egoistic Kli (vessel), we break it into many parts, and we get a huge mathematical array. We cannot connect it in any way: where can we get this single formula that connects the entire universe into one whole? This cannot be done through our egoistic perception.

And although we actively use mathematics, in principle, it is all built not on similarities, but on differences from nature. Spiritual mathematics is based on completely different principles.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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