The Foundation Of The Family

Laitman_049.03Question: In the material world, people of the same mentality, soulmates, are more suitable to become a couple. What does being a soulmate mean? Do opposites attract in spirituality?

Answer: No. There is nothing good in being opposite. There is no need to think too much about this and try to build our life based on some novels.

It is desirable to be similar, especially in spirituality. Physically, of course, we are different. For example, male properties prevail in me and female properties prevail in my wife. There is nothing you can do and, frankly, you should not. However, the general direction in life is very important, otherwise we will not feel what is important to our partner.

If there are children in the family, it somehow fills our life. But, as it turns out, this is not enough any more in the modern world, and we no longer wish to marry and have children. Therefore, a real family is one with a common spiritual purpose.

Question: Does it mean, in your opinion, that people with different properties and mentality cannot live together?

Answer: No, our world will become more and more divided.

Question: What about spirituality?

Answer: If I feel that it is desirable for me to be close to this person in order to achieve a spiritual goal, then I will be with that person even if he or she is not very pleasant to me or I do not like some of his or her properties. We work on a spiritual level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/25/18

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