The Companion Chosen For Me By The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there a difference in the spiritual development of women and men, and what constitutes this difference?

Answer: If we look at the historical process, we see that as soon as Abraham began to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah, he received an order to adhere with his female part: “Listen to what Sarah tells you.” Everything is determined by the female part. What a man reveals is revealed by him in the woman, meaning the male part of the soul in the inner female part of the soul and the man in the woman. Rabash wrote and spoke repeatedly about the fact that in the corrected society, in a corrected family with a man and a woman, the husband and a wife are in the process of revealing the Creator between them. The husband perceives the wife through the Creator and the wife relates to the husband in the same manner. They constantly feel that the Creator dwells between them. That is, I know that I received her from the Creator. And if I perceive her as a part that can help me reach the Creator, then I am truly realizing myself.

Question cont.: In other words, my wife is my partner on the spiritual path?

Answer: She is not just a partner. I see her as a companion chosen for me by the Creator. And if I treat her this way, I don’t just address her. I address her and the Creator at the same time and feel that she relates to me in the same manner. It seems like an unnatural contrast, but it is very natural because it is very goal-oriented. It turns out that at every moment of my life, from the most intimate to the most common situations in the family, and even more so in public and in the world, we begin to treat each other like the Creator dwells between us. We feel that this Force needs to bind us together, fill the voids between us, and correct the rejection and hatred that rises up between us. The Creator Himself comes to fill this space and unite us with each other. We can begin to realize this in the family, the closest place for every person, and continue it throughout the whole world.
From Kabbalah For Beginners, "Men and Women" 10/14/10

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