Rising Above Consciousness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion from Facebook: What does it mean to rise above your consciousness and which path leads to it? Basically, can we influence the scope of our consciousness by simply wanting to expand it?

Answer: Of course we can! What we have is animal consciousness. It serves our physical bodies, therefore it is on the animate degree. All of our thoughts are directed toward food, sex, family, and wealth. Some people also desire fame, knowledge, and power. That’s all a person has in this world.

What does our so-called higher consciousness come down to? What do we occupy ourselves with and what are we serving? We pursue such low goals! It’s not even worth it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah (“Kabbalah” from the Hebrew word “receiving”) talks about receiving higher consciousness, about expanding it in order to make oneself Human.  “Man” or “Adam” in Hebrew means similar to the Creator and this is what our consciousness should be aimed at: becoming similar to the Creator.

This is not easy, it’s difficult. However, when a person sets this goal, when he is in the proper environment, then everything can be achieved with relative ease. In any case we will continue to wander through life until we attain the goal. Such is the law of nature.

Let’s make it quick, easy, and simple and we’ll attain the most wonderful state!
From Kab TV’s “News with Rav Laitman” 2/6/2017

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