Hebrew – A Mathematical Language

Laitman_041_01Question: Is there a value to each letter in Hebrew or does the meaning exist only in the combination of letters into words?

Answer: Every letter certainly has its own meaning and is a force or a particular characteristic in itself. A collection of letters is a word or a directive that is precisely defined.

Hebrew is a mathematical language in which there are no abstruse, sensory or other nuances. Everything in it has been sliced, as if by an axe.

Everything moves around the roots of the words according to clear mathematical laws. The words have double or triple roots which have either a prefix or suffix added to it indicating whether it is masculine or feminine, if it is past tense or future tense, etc.

The language of Kabbalah is a language of branches, derived from a root which gives the name of the branch pointing to the root.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/17/16

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  1. If A) the Holy Tongue, is 1) a mathematical language, and is 2) the DNA of creation, meaning material matter, as well as 3) the mother of all languages, then B) math (a process of expansion and contraction) should be seen as a creative art, in all languages, should it not?

    If this be true, than all languages, should actually be said to be “Hebrew and or Jewish,” should they not?

    In calculus, on one level or hand, there is the understanding of how to do the actually “math,” using formula’s. On another level or hand, calculus, is about understanding patterns that develop to develop new concepts to help the human mind better understand this material world that our physical bodies live, or rome in.

    There are minds, who claim that math is a creative art such as P. R. Halmos, a Hungarian-Jewish-born American mathematician.

    Based on these logical connections, it seems plausible, that all languages and especially English as it has been the universal language for many years, that the number system should be connected to their alphabets.

    For example, A-Z = 1-26. By doing this, “deeper patterns” could be discovered to connect even more dots and paint a bigger picture, giving proof that this material world is an expansion of the energy flowing in the spiritual realm.

    I also perceive that Ohm’s Law and spirituality parallel each other as both consist of a force or pressure, (bestowal) having a relationship with intensity (kavana) and resistance (desire to receive for self).

    Adding these factors together, it would seem that material matter could be said to be “God’s playground.”

  2. Dearest Rav,

    After your 4 hour lecture on the perception of reality last nighty, I awoke (today being my 52nd birthday) to the gift of 288. Naturally I followed it all morning, all the way to Jacob, and then some. Thank you for choosing to fulfill your role. I aspire to accomplish the same.



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