So That Nature Does Not Strike Us

961Today I am constantly getting hit by nature. How can I make sure that it does not strike but will stroke me so that everything is good: the sun shines, the rain, the clouds, everything is in due time, everything is good? So that I would live without knowing any bitterness?

I would not exist the way my body exists, but at a higher level where I understand nature, where I connect with it by my “I,” because I consciously enter into harmony with it.

Suddenly I begin to connect to the layer of nature where it controls me, I come into contact with it and feel myself in an eternal, perfect layer of nature. It is higher than the animal level I exist in now.

For this, we have been given the science of Kabbalah, with the help of which we can recognize the part of nature hidden from us. Therefore, Kabbalah is called a secret science. When we see these laws and feel their impact on us, we can build our behavior in accordance with them. This is completely real and clear because I see how I should act.

Kabbalah is indispensable here. Therefore, it is revealed in our time. For the first time in the history of mankind it became necessary for everyone.

Question: Is it necessary because we have reached a certain level at which we must recognize the level of nature?

Answer: We have reached a very simple level—collapse, where we are in a general crisis of upbringing, family, health care, ecology, politics, finance, everything. We try to run away and close our eyes because we do not see a solution. Naturally, a person immediately turns on his restrictive internal systems. It is better not to see the bad tomorrow, I will live today.

But in the end, we feel that we need to understand something in our life; otherwise, we will not be able to exist. The younger generation already feels it clearly.

Today, millions of people in the world understand that we cannot live without the method of balance with nature, which Kabbalah speaks of. This understanding arises within a crisis state, within that detachment and emptiness that modern man feels.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Marriage Contract” 8/19/09

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