Attain Harmony With Nature

laitman_436Question: In my understanding, the expression “harmony with nature” is at odds with the achievements of progress like the Internet, the washing machine, and household electrical appliances. Are such objects and things connected to nature?

Answer: Of course! Enjoy their benefits, that’s not the case. Despite all of these things, people living in developed nations, where there is no lack of anything, are more likely to suffer from depression. So it is not the electronic appliances and not the comfort with which a person surrounds himself; but the absence of inner peace.

Today humanity can feed itself abundantly. We throw away a lot of food and  we cannot distribute them because we don’t have the proper connection between us. That is where the problem is! Somewhere there are hungry people, but we don’t care about them! Apparently humanitarian aid is provided only for show, but actually everything is thrown away and scattered.

Question: In other words, unity with nature is not a rejection of comfort?

Answer: No! Unity with nature doesn’t mean returning to the forest, to the jungle. Seven billion humans cannot return to the jungle. Becoming closer to nature is through comprehending it! This is not about nature that we see around us. Instead it is about the internal forces and the formula by which it works. We must attain them internally, in our feelings, to understand what is happening and what forces surround us.

These forces are concealed from us. We don’t understand what manages us. What will I think about in another minute? What will happen tomorrow? Why did this specifically happen yesterday? I don’t see what I influence and what influences me because I am lacking contact with the scheme in which I exist.

We are found in a system that manages our world, but we don’t feel it. How can I come in contact with it, to a mutual understanding, so that I will influence it and it will influence me?

This system is called the “upper world” because it manages our world: All of humanity, all parts of the still, vegetative, and animate nature. How can we discover it? How can we influence it correctly so that in return it will influence us correctly? This is the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah; it gives answers to all of the questions of existence.

As long as a person has not revealed them for himself, he will wander around in the darkness like a blind man, he will hit sharp corners and suffer, especially in our times when the world is becoming more mutually connected. So if someone acts incorrectly somewhere, it impacts everyone.

Throughout the generations, nature has moved all of us forward until we have become locked in. Now we are beginning to feel how much this mutual connection obligates us, and we cannot break it.

Today we have no other way out. We must find that state in which we can develop harmoniously, comfortably, and securely. And this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking about. So it was concealed before our time and has only been revealed now.
From KabTV’s “The New Year” 12/25/14

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