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Shavuot – A Day-Long Eternity

293.1The holiday of Shavuot does not require one to keep any special traditions and lasts for only one day, and therefore passes almost unnoticed. But in fact, this is a very important holiday because it is the basis on which humanity received the method of correction, the way to achieve eternal and perfect life for all mankind.

Therefore, Kabbalists greatly honor the holiday of Shavuot, which symbolizes the reception of the upper force, the method of correcting the world, called “Torah.”

The name “Shavuot” is due to the fact that this holiday comes seven weeks (Shavuot) after Passover, that is, the liberation of a person from his egoism, which is called the exodus from Egypt. After leaving Egypt, he goes through correction for 49 days and on the 50th day, reaches a special degree in his corrections, and becomes worthy to receive the Torah, to reveal the upper light that purifies and fills him.

Shavuot is also called the festival of first fruits because it is celebrated at a time when field work ends and you can already enjoy the harvest.

This means that we have achieved the correction of our desires, and after the holiday of Shavuot we can use them to receive the upper light, to reveal the Creator within them for the sake of bestowal. The revelation of the Creator in the desires of creation and the equivalence to Him in quality—all this symbolizes the holiday of Shavuot.

When celebrating Shavuot, the gift of the Torah, it is customary to eat dairy food, because the Torah symbolizes the bestowal of the upper power to humanity. Milk is a symbol of giving one to another, like a mother feeding a baby with milk. There is no more vivid and natural manifestation of bestowal than mother’s milk.

Shavuot symbolizes the Creator’s bestowal to His creations, revealing His feeling, understanding, attitude, and love to us as if through the mother’s milk. In honor of this, we eat only dairy food on this holiday.

Receiving the Torah means that the Creator gives us a method of correction so that we can change from a state that is opposite to the Creator and become like Him in qualities. In this way, we approach the Creator and can receive from Him the inner fulfillment, the upper light, which is a very joyful event, which is called the holiday of the gift of the Torah.

Every person on earth is able to use the Torah to correct himself and achieve love for his neighbor and love for the Creator, to open his spiritual vision and feel himself inside the eternal flow of life along the infinite axis of time.

To do this, we only need to learn from the science of Kabbalah how we can get closer to each other and through this rapprochement form a place for the revelation of the positive force between us, mutual bestowal, love, and unity. And so we will come to the correction of the world, so that it does not look, unfortunately, as it appears to us today.

Every person who wants to achieve a happy, eternal life must use the inner, practical part of the Torah, which is called the science of Kabbalah. With it, he will be able to correct himself so that he can see himself living in a perfect and eternal world and find eternal life for himself. If he uses the Torah correctly, it will raise him to the level of eternity.

I greet you all on the holiday of Shavuot and wish everyone to get at least a little from the science of Kabbalah in order to see that the upper force this way wants to give us its “milk,” a sense of maternal warmth and eternity. We will feel that the Creator cares for us as a loving mother cares for her infant.

I wish everyone success in this!
From KabTV’s “The Peace” 5/11/21

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The War Of Gog And Magog, Part 3

232.08“And I Will Reveal Myself In My Greatness”

The Prophets, Ezekiel, 38: 18, 38:23: And it will come to pass on that day, when Gog comes against the land of Israel, declares the Lord God, that My blazing indignation will flame in My nostrils.

And I will reveal Myself in My greatness and in My holiness and will be recognized in the eyes of many nations, and they will know that I am the Lord.

Question: This somehow sounds strange. It turns out that the Creator brings this power in order for everyone to recognize Him?

Answer: If you think from the point of view of our egoistic nature, then of course, it looks like some kind of childishness.

But in reality, this is not the case. We know how it happens from the science of Kabbalah and from our own personal experience, which every Kabbalist has. Each of us more or less goes through this form of war between the right and the left side of nature—receiving and giving.

So our whole life is spent in studying these opposite properties and how to connect them in the middle line called Israel because including both sides, it directs their owner directly to the Creator
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/30/21

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Jerusalem Gates Of Mercy

962.5What feature is there in the spiritual root of Jerusalem that has been attracting different empires, currents, and people for many years to this city?

Our world operates under the control of the higher forces of nature, and Jerusalem is the place of connection between the higher spiritual forces of the higher nature with the earthly forces of our lower material world.

Jerusalem is the very place that connects the spiritual with the material.

In the place where the highest spiritual Sefirot and their consequence, the material Malchut, meet, there appears a transition, a channel, from the spiritual world to the material one through which the spiritual light can pass into this world. And then calmness, abundance, fulfillment, and correction will come to this world.

But while this is not the case, this place that connects the spiritual with the material, which is located in Jerusalem, is very problematic. And we see to this day that there is constant unrest and commotion.

But it all depends on the people of Israel. If we behave correctly and fulfill our destiny, our duty, and become one people in which love of our neighbor as ourselves reigns, then these forces will spread from the people of Israel to the land of Israel and Jerusalem. The power of good will begin to dominate and fill all these material properties with what is present in the spiritual, and then Jerusalem will become the city of the world.

There are eight gates in the wall surrounding the old city, which correspond to the seven entrances that should exist in relation to the seven Sefirot, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut, and one more opposite the Sefira Daat that symbolize a connection with the upper force.

The most famous gates are called “Golden Gate,” “Gate of Mercy,” or “Gate of Eternal Life” and they have remained locked since 1541 after Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent walled them up to prevent the arrival of the Messiah.

These gates symbolize that until we acquire the property of mercy, we do not deserve to open the golden gates and accept the Mashiach, which opens an exit for us and pulls us into the spiritual world. How can this special power of bestowal and love come to us from above if we ourselves are not like that? Therefore, these gates are walled up and no one is trying to open them yet.

Opening the material gates is not difficult, but the question is how much excitement and problems this would cause, from spiritual to material. Complete deliverance is by the people of Israel  achieving the quality of mercy, love for one’s neighbor as for oneself. And then these good forces spread from it, attracted from the spiritual world to the material one.

The people of Israel should serve as a transition from the spiritual world to the material one, and if we manage to become such a transition for everyone, then the forces of the highest abundance will pour down on this world, and this will open all the gates for us. The gates of heaven will open and we will see the upper light filling the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, all of this place.
From KabTV’s “The Peace” 4/27/21

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The Purpose Of Being In This World

226The goal of man’s work in this world is to achieve complete unification of all people to the point of loving one’s neighbor as oneself. By this, man restores his soul, the common spiritual vessel created by the Creator.

To the extent that in this spiritual vessel (Kli) two opposite forces unite—separation and connection, reception and bestowal—a person reveals the Creator as the advantage of light over darkness. The Creator (Bore) means come and see (Bo-Re), that is, the concept that unfolds as light from darkness.

Alone, no one is able to reach the correction because initially only one common soul was created, Adam HaRishon, which was afterward shattered to the smallest particle, to the smallest spiritual spark in each of us. We exist in this world in order to unite the spiritual points, the sparks of light, that exist in everyone.

Although, this point does not indicate any direction of development, which way to advance, and what to do with it. It only awakens a smallest need for something spiritual that is above this world. But to what exactly, a person does not understand. And that is why people who come to study Kabbalah do not realize what has brought them, what exactly they lack, and where they are drawn to.

And even in our everyday life in this world, in a continuous race for some achievements and replacing one hobby after another, people also do not really understand what attracts and pushes them. But in fact, the same spark that wants to lead us to final correction forces a person to do this work, to give it the opportunity to unite with other sparks and thus collect the first Kli called the ten.

And then other particles will join this ten, other tens, and we will come to a complete correction in the end. Only then will we discover the eternal and perfect life, the full knowledge and feeling of the true reality, called the Creator. Thus, we will reach the realization of the point that led us from the very beginning, pulled and pushed us forward.

For this work, we organize physical tens. Our world exists in order to give us this opportunity to start from something accessible located in front of our eyes. Even before spiritual correction, we have the opportunity to create a material system and work within it according to the advice of Kabbalists: to organize physical tens and add spiritual qualities to them as much as possible.

Even without feeling the upper light and the Creator, we can work inside a small physical group of ten people, awaken the upper light that gradually unites us and reveals spiritual qualities, ascents, and descents inside the ten.

We go through all these changes multiple times: from light to darkness and from darkness to light, through swings of light and dark moods. And afterward, we rise above the moods and evaluate ascents and descents by our closeness or alienation from others and the Creator, our commitment to bestowal or reception. That is how we gradually acquire new values—not from this world but from the spiritual one.

We learn what actions can attract the reforming light, that is, the force of the general light that will affect us and connect us more. Connection is the only correction that is necessary to revive the common soul, which was deliberately shattered to allow us to collect it.

By trying to connect together the conflicting, opposite, and distant parts of the soul, we study what the quality of bestowal is and who the Creator is, and reveal perfect and eternal life.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/21, “The Importance of Dissemination”

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The Ten Is What We Create Within Us

934Question: Can I imagine the cave of Machpelah as a ten where I have the opportunity to both bestow and receive, that is, to somehow balance my egoism?

Answer: You can. Yet, the ten is not the cave of the patriarchs. It is what we create within us. The group represents exactly the qualities in which bestowal and love are revealed, that which determines the quality of Bina regarding the quality of the earth (Malchut).

Thus, all our advancements are based on what we build from ourselves, from our connection in the ten, from the entire world, a quality that is a group or even, you can say in some sense, a cave.

Question: In principle, should a person find an environment where he can develop the spiritual quality of bestowal and love?

Answer: Yes, that is right.

Question: Through this kind of external story about the cave of Machpelah, do we touch on some internal qualities?

Answer: It is difficult for me to talk about it because for me it is not an external story. For me, it has only one meaning.

Therefore, I am not interested in all sorts of riots that happen in these places or anything like this. For me, these places are not physical, but purely internal.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/23/21

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What Will Help Us Defeat Evil

224Question: Galina writes to us: “In every video you talk about merging with nature. It is monotonous and depressing. Everyone understands that you need to be friends with nature and protect it. This is like from a course in biology and zoology. Are there any other ways or methods to defeat evil?”

Answer: Dear Galina! I do not mean the kind of nature where there are birds, grass, and so on.

I mean the inner nature of a person. We need to reveal this nature, to reveal what it is, how mean and dirty it is! We need to wash it, clean it, of all egoistic relationships between us, and start using it in a different way. What I mean is that we need to be connected with the correct nature.

Merging with nature means revealing the feelings of love, mutuality, and support in the connection between us. In this way we will connect with the foundation of nature, with its internal force, which we call the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/8/21

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“Shavuot: Light In The Midst Of Chaos” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Shavuot: Light in the Midst of Chaos

The Jewish holiday of Shavuot, the celebration for the giving of the Torah, has a special meaning this year. While Israeli society is under missile attacks, there is no festive atmosphere. It is a time to make a seminal decision about the people we want to be and how we want to face the future: in division and quarrels or to become guarantors for each other, to look at our actions through the world’s lens or through a deep introspection of our role as a people that received at the foot of Mount Sinai.

The Austrian Chancellor hoisted the Israeli flag on the roof of his office as a sign of solidarity with Israel. The Czech President tweeted a picture of his country’s flag next to the Israeli flag with a heart. Slovenia, Hungary and Poland expressed support for the struggle against Hamas, and Western governments, the UK, France and Germany, strengthened Israel with words of appreciation.

But the enthusiastic demonstrations of support by world leaders will have very limited affect, particularly if it only stems from personal sympathy with Israel. Politicians send hearts and wave Israeli flags in large cities in their countries, yet simultaneously hordes of enthusiastic people wave Palestinian flags and demonstrate against Israel.

If the clashes on the home field are not enough, then the clashes also spread abroad. In Germany synagogues have been vandalized and Jewish communities in Europe are on high alert for possible attacks and clashes.

This is the real way humanity looks at us, not through the diplomatic smiles and handshakes that come from some world leaders. The hateful demonstrations will far outweigh the expressions of support. Hostility will replace the former friendships until we are not tolerated anywhere in the world; no place will be left where a Jew will be able to live in peace.

But there is a way out. It is through our unity. Rabbi Akiva said, “Love your neighbor as yourself is the great rule of the Torah” (Jerusalem Talmud, Nedarim). When Israel received the Torah it received a power that elevated them above their egoism and division—the root cause of all the threats the Jewish nation faces—and made them love each other as themselves. It reminds us that only if we unite will we succeed. Otherwise, the Talmud warns us, “There will it be your burial” (Shabbat 88a, Avoda Zarah)

Mount Sinai, the place where we received the Torah, symbolizes thoughts of siná, hatred toward each other. From the time of ancient Babylon to this day, the ego has not stopped growing and overpowering us, demanding more at the expense of others and tearing us apart as Jews. And there, at the foot of the mountain, we were first required to make a far-reaching decision as a people: either we would be united as one man in one heart or we would endure ongoing suffering and external pressure.

There is no sooner or later in the Torah, these are eternal laws. What we go through in these difficult days is another link in a chain of predicaments we have experienced as Jews throughout generations. The external pressure today requires us to unite and create a protected space between us.

We received the Torah, the method to connect us, the means to cover all crimes with love. This is how we became a people, the Jewish nation or “Israel,” which stems from the Hebrew words “Yashar Kel” (“straight to the Creator”). It refers to a state where we are granted the method to attain the Creator, the quality of love and bestowal, through our freewill.

The connection between us, the Jews, harnesses what the wisdom of Kabbalah explains are the seventy roots of the nations of the world. We are included in them and involved with them after a long exile in which we have absorbed those roots. Therefore, if we connect, we will radiate the power of the connection between us to all of humanity. The roots will all come together and grow into a strong tree that bears fruit for everyone, each and every one. And the stronger we become, the more we will radiate light to the nations of the world, and the more we will gain the world’s support as chaos will transform into peace.

Does Kabbalah Give A Person Freedom Of Choice?

567.04Question: Why do we actively disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah because it affects a person and, as it were, takes away his freewill?

Answer: A person in our world has absolutely no freedom of will. It is because freewill assumes that one has at least two opposite forces and exists between them. Or there can be many forces in the center of which he exists, as if independently of them, and chooses under the influence of which force he is at each moment of time.

Therefore, since our world exists under the control of only one force, the egoistic one, it is the wisdom of Kabbalah that gives a person freewill because it reveals to him a second force, the altruistic one, the opposite of the one that exists in a person initially. Then, between these two forces, a person begins to really feel and attain his freedom of will.

This is an amazing feeling! When you feel that you are independent of either good or evil forces and you are between them, here you choose! Here you become above these two forces and feel how this upper force that created our world, feels its actions and leads us to the same state it is in.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/4/21

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The Mystery Of The Unification Of The Masculine And Feminine, Part 11

599.02Is it Possible to Create Harmony Between a Man and a Woman?

Question: Is it possible to create some kind of harmony between a man and a woman if he is engaged in Kabbalah and she is not, and they seem to have different interests and goals?

Answer: On a purely everyday level, if they value their family and children, then of course they can. But at the same time, everyone will have to sacrifice something.

The problem is that it is much more difficult for a man who studies Kabbalah to give up and pay attention to his wife and children. After all, Kabbalah takes a lot of time and most importantly thoughts, feelings, and heart.

But this all applies to the transition period. I think that this will very quickly turn into a normal situation in all of humanity and people will begin to understand their nature.

All the same, now the family has such a vague image that there is nothing wrong if the husband is engaged in Kabbalah, attends some circles, watches lessons at night. Is there anything different in other families? Today, every family is disfigured in its own way.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/3/19

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