The War Of Gog And Magog: In Or Outside The Soul?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn today’s complex situation in Israel and in the world, it becomes clear why Baal HaSulam insists that first of all, we have to sit down on the school bench and study. This is what we need; otherwise, we will not be able to relate correctly to what is happening.

This does not mean that I ought to love my enemies as “each will have to pay for his deeds,” but I have nothing to hate them for. I should know only one thing: How I can prepare myself for unity and in what forms. Only this can break hatred—only through this connection, inside of which the upper force is revealed.

If it is revealed, we will cure all these evil forces. We simply have no choice. The Creator pressures us so much because otherwise, we will never come to the point when the spiritual force, holiness reigns in us. Without this, we have no chance for salvation. I hope that we will manage to convey this to the nation, simultaneously with the pressure that is exerted on us as if from outside, that is, from Above, and we will be able to achieve unity.

In fact, this is called the war of Gog and Magog. Through all the nations and by using any instance and possibility, the Creator puts the pressure on us, and we must unite. It is like the exodus from Egypt: The pressure is growing and growing, until we have no alternative, and we flee. Otherwise, we do not want to leave the slavery of our egoism and are willing to stay and live in it forever.

Therefore, there is no way out; we will have to go through all the “Egyptian plagues” and pressure. The better we understand them, the less these blows will materialize. They will be more internal—with understanding, awareness, search, and scrutiny. They will be faster, at the other degree. If the blow is felt in matter, it is billion times harsher and longer.

The difference between the degrees is such that the entire still level is equivalent to one plant! Try to estimate this proportion: One side of the scales holds the entire still matter of the universe, and the other holds a blade of grass. Can you imagine what a huge difference it is, if we rise only one degree in our scrutiny and corrections, not to speak about ascending from the animate to the speaking degree! And we can do this instead of the blows that await us at the still level.

Imagine, how many blows and sufferings we will have to go through on the still level….Therefore, all our work now is only to rise and rise faster. To do this, we need to sit down on the school bench and to learn to understand a little what happens to us and to the world, and why. We have to explain this to ourselves and to the entire world. We have no other weapon, but explanations. And the situation simply obliges us.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/5/2011, “The Nation”

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  1. I think I said something before about helping others, but they will have to deal with their lot in life anyway, I wasn’t saying this because I was looking at them in a negative way. I was looking at how, regardless of them choosing a path of Torah, the path of pain is going to come around anyway if someone doesn’t do it. And, it seems that part is out of my hands. But definitely, if I am helping someone and they suffer anyway, it doesn’t mean I should look down on them or that they are getting their just desserts because they are paying for their decisions. It’s just part of the process of maturity they are going through and all stages, as you say, even in others are connected to the whole. Good for anyone, regardless of where they are on the spiritual path, that they try even if they suffer through mistakes. I’m no so perfect that I don’t learn through mistakes either!

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