Becoming The Center Of Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must reveal a place in the heart and mind for genuine concern. All other concerns must become compulsory for me. I live in this world and tend to its matters out of necessity, but my true and sacred concern is about what’s truly important. After all, I am human and wish to achieve something. Something is precious to me in life, besides money and daily problems. This is something we must assign far greater importance than all the other twists and turns of life.

I can work, shop, and attend pleasant or unpleasant events. It doesn’t matter what I do, as long as in my heart and mind there is a place where I want to ascend. And if there is such a place, I must connect my friends to this inescapable concern. When we think about and support one another, that is what a group is. Everyone is concerned so that the others have the same thoughts, the same cares. I want them to care for the most important thing, and then I will care about it as well.

Our mutual care is to build a spiritual vessel, the right desire, to raise a prayer for correction. When it amasses a sufficient quantitative and qualitative intensity, then in this network that has stretched between us, we will reveal that which we wish to attain—the upper reality—and acquire strength, health, security, and prosperity….

Indeed, today the Jewish nation relies more on a miracle than a firm foundation. And all the while we have a special vessel, thanks to which we can drive away all hardships and troubles, and all the haters. We and only we have the keys to the success and good life for all. This is precisely why the whole world and our neighbors won’t leave us alone.

We were given an opportunity, and only if we achieve mutual guarantee will our unity become a global center of good. So let’s make it happen together, by caring for each other with joy.
From Lesson 1, the Achziv Convention 9/1/2011

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  1. I wish the rest of the world would care about the world as a whole as I do and as anyone else who practices Kabbalah does.

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