The Goal Of Creation Is To Reach Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of creation is to reach love, and the meaning of love is not the customary meaning of physical attraction generally not related with love but about receiving personal satisfaction.

True love is connection by which we feel the deficiencies of others and act in order to fill their desires. The deficiency grows during the ascent. It is prepared for us in advance on every level. However, in order to attain it, we must ascend from the bottom, from the shattering upward. This means that we always advance against our ego, against the shattering.

So, we must increase the desire that was prepared for us from above 620 times by our exertion, and then we will discover the connection that was between us before, 620 times more strongly.

It is like a drop of semen, a point of the desire that was adhered to the Light of Ein Sof (Infinity) and now has grown 620 times more since it must exert itself each time against its shattered desire. Thus, it goes through the phases of Ibur (conception), Yenika (suckling), and Mochin (mind), until it reaches an equivalence of form with the Upper Light.

Baal HaSulam writes in Letter No. 11, “…but you should feel the love, and it is felt only in a place of deficiency. This is the meaning of, ‘He who shares the suffering of the public is rewarded with seeing the comfort of the public…’”

The preparation for adhesion to the Creator is achieved by working with the public where all the deficiency for Him is concentrated. Thus, I can establish my yearning for love. To the extent that I can develop the love of others within me, I prepare myself to the adhesion with the Creator.

“…and ‘To the extent that a person allots, he is allotted.’” Intervention from above cannot be more than intervention from below since everything is measured according to the deficiency, and the Upper Light has no measure.

“You have often heard that all the good of the awakening from below concerns only our learning how to feel the deficiency…” I cannot receive a readymade deficiency, but rather must establish it by myself, step by step, by searching, by ascents and descents, with regard to the environment. It isn’t the deficiency that matters but acquiring the art of attaining the deficiency. Thus, I learn God’s ways.

“…as it is set before us by the Creator.” We don’t establish the deficiency by ourselves, but rather discover it through our efforts.

As it is written, “A prayer makes half,” because as long as one does not feel half of the deficiency—the part that was cut off from the whole, and the part does not feel as it should—one is incapable of complete Dvekut (adhesion).

There is a deficiency, and there is a derivative of the deficiency, in other words, a deficiency that is a deficiency like a prayer before a prayer. We feel a slight deficiency of spirituality, but it isn’t real. It wears us out and causes us pain, and we don’t know what to do with it.

“It is so because this will not be considered advantageous for him, and one does not keep or sustain a needless thing.” We don’t feel any deficiency for this deficiency, and so the actual feeling of the deficiency is the reward.

“Our sages told us that there is a remedy for this feeling by the power of the prayer. When one is persistent in praying and craving to cleave unto Him perpetually, the prayer can do half, meaning that he will recognize that it is half. When the sparks multiply and become absorbed in the organs, he will certainly be rewarded with complete salvation and the part will cling to the whole forever.”
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/18/14

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