There Is Something To Envy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The friends in Sochi are doing great dissemination work. How can one strengthen the connection with them in heart and soul?

Answer: Be envious! Envy is a very good emotion.

Tzimtzum Bet (the Second Restriction) was created from envy: The creature was detached from the Creator to become independent. Then everything also developed with the help of envy, even Arvut (mutual guarantee) and corrections. And everything is in order to realize envy correctly. Envy is a feeling of someone outside of me.

If I differ somewhat from the other, how is that exactly? Even if it is by one gram, is this gram better or worse? Is this other greater or smaller? This means that I am always examining the difference between us in pleasure or suffering.

So envy is the main feeling.

I believe paying for  a school as in Sochi, is worth it. There is something of which to be envious. The friends are doing amazing work, meaning amazing work is being done on them from above. This doesn’t exist anywhere in the world; the beginning of the realization of the correction of the masses. This summer will go down in history.
From the Sochi Convention 6/10/14, Lesson 3

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