An Army Is Not Our Weapon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to conduct an experiment at home in order to see that reality changes for the better?

Answer: You can invite a couple of friends and organize a circle that operates according to the laws of the corrected world. You should feel as one man in one heart and love one another as yourself, as it is written, “All of Israel are responsible for one another,” and “That which you hate, do not do to your friend.”

If you implement these principles among you, then in the connection between you, you will begin to feel a different state and a different life.

Thanks to the changes that you make inside yourself, all the reality around you also changes. There is no other solution. The solution will not come from an army, no matter how much effort, force, money, pain and anger you put into it. This isn’t our weapon.

It is because you are connected to the whole system, which actually depends on the Israeli nation since only they can influence the whole world. By not influencing the world to be better, we actually summon all the afflictions that hit us.

Connection is the only means that can correct everything, but I cannot explain exactly where you should connect in order to correct a specific state. In order to do so, we should speak in terms of Partzufim and Sefirot.

If the Israeli nation advanced just a little towards connection and not just under external pressure, we could change the world for the better. We must bring the revelation of the upper force that is good and benevolent to the world so that it will dwell among all the people.

It is actually the Israeli nation that should bring about such a revelation, and this is called bringing Light to the nations of the world. If we could understand that this is all our work and our mission and the mission of the Israeli nation in the land that must be as one man in one heart, we would get rid of all the problems and receive the respect and gratitude of the entire world.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/16/14

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