The Force Of Connection Will Disarm The Terrorists

Dr. MIchael LaitmanQuestion: What advice would you give to all the people who are looking for a way to release the kidnapped teenagers now?

Answer: The advice is for just one thing: to connect, to unite. No other action is demanded from us. Connection is the foundation of the nation of Israel that was designated to be as one man with one heart, united in Arvut (mutual guarantee) and love.

As it is written, “All Israel are friends” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is only about connection and unity.

We recommend holding workshops and discussions in circles, which we have already tested and work well. If we carry out an action of this kind, which leads to connection and unity, and make even a small step toward greater unity and connection, then we will immediately see how everything works out in the nation, family, hospitals, old age homes, and of course, with these wonderful teenagers that everyone is so worried about at present.

The entire situation will change for better; it is in our hands. I am very worried about this tragic event. After all, I have three children of my own. But we know that from antiquity until the present day, the nation of Israel has been targeted by all the nations of the world. And it doesn’t stop. We see how the tension around us keeps growing more and more.

Through our connection, we don’t need to become stronger in order to stand and survive against the enemy and to defeat it with the force of the fist. We won’t need force at all. Only the nation of Israel is able to bring the Upper Light closer to this world, and in this way “He makes peace in His high places, He makes peace for us.”

Thus my prayer at this moment is only for the unity of the nation of Israel. Then we will see the best results.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/15/14

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