Neutralizing The Threat

 Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see from our history that it was only by our fall from the level of “love thy neighbor as thyself” to self-love, the transition to unfounded hatred, that we caused the collapse of the nation of Israel and its exile. However, it is specifically now that we have the opportunity to take a step in the opposite direction, from separation, from the breakage between us, to attain connection. Then, we will restore and return the complete nation of Israel, the perfect state of Israel, and finally attain the state where no enemy will rise up against us, and not because it makes us stronger in that it psychologically prepares us for war, but we simply will be able to reject it, neutralize it, and cancel that possibility thanks to our unity.

There is a force in our hands that is unusual in its intensity, and we must try to use it. We only need to begin, and then, after several short activities aimed at connection, the attempts to become one man with one heart with one goal, to feel ourselves as one, and to want to advance toward unity, after a few days, we already will feel some unusual force awakening in us.

It’s like when all the organs of a person’s body begin to work in harmony with each other, and even though each one operates in its own direction, nevertheless, all of them work together for the sake of a shared goal in one system, and then the body becomes healthier and healthier so that nothing damaging will threaten it. We also are like that, in that when we attain balance in our systems through connection, we create a society where no one can cause any damage to it from the outside, and then, afterward, we also can solve all the inner problems, if any are left. From the moment that we approach each problem from the standpoint of connection and unity, we easily will be able to organize our lives at all levels.
From a “Talk on New Life” 8/12/12

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