Greece: Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Or Anarchy?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Euronews): “The Greek government have been looking to the Gods for inspiration as they carry out plans to deport thousands of illegal immigrants.

“Bestowing a touch of irony to the proceedings, officials have named the operation ‘Xenius Zeus,’ the same name given to the ancient Greek God of hospitality.

“Six thousand people, suspected of having entered the country illegally, were detained in Athens, nearly a third now face deportation.

“Thousands of police took part in the operation, rounding up suspected illegal immigrants in Athens and at the Turkish border. …

“Greek police said they were deporting hundreds of illegal immigrants, after a major crackdown in Athens. Dozens of people were sent back to Pakistan at the weekend.

“Golden Dawn, described by opponents as neo-Nazis, won enough votes in a recent election to enter parliament.”

My Comment: The same will be repeated in all countries as the economic problems worsen. Thus, we will come to fascism, Nazism, and a third world war if we don’t change society by implementing integral education and upbringing.

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