A Nation’s Fate Is Determined At The Roundtable

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that it is possible to see a quick result by simple actions and to actually feel a new, powerful force evoked among us within a couple of days that will become our strongest defense and weapon. What actions are necessary in order to attain that?

Answer: I recommend that we begin to hold what we call workshops, discussions in circles or roundtables. There, we will discuss the most important questions that determine our fate.

We will try to rise above all the individual egos in such roundtable discussions in order to find answers that stem from love, connection, and mutual guarantee. First, we have to find out what love is, what connection and incorporation in each other’s desires means, what mutual guarantee is, and the common point so that from it, I can solve all the problems.

We must clarify how we can connect more strongly and thus solve economic problems, problems in education, culture, with drugs, theft, and, actually all the problems we are facing in society. It doesn’t matter what we speak about. What’s important is that every deficiency that is revealed is only a cause that helps us better clarify the concept of mutual guarantee.

Then, we will see that all the problems, including the threat of attack by Iran [in Israel], come only so that we will reinforce mutual guarantee among us. It is as if we look at everything from the other side. We don’t yearn for mutual guarantee in order to get rid of all our internal and external problems, rather, all our internal and external problems are revealed by nature in order to bring us to mutual guarantee, to the completion of our mission, and to unite the people of Israel in the land of Israel.

In order to begin the process of connection and unity, we all must sit at the roundtable. It can be a family or a single person sitting at home in front of the TV screen watching a discussion that takes place at the roundtable. The goal of the discussion is to clarify the question: What do connection, mutual guarantee, and love mean to us, and what state should we reach?

We should speak less about the problems; otherwise we would simply drown in them. Instead, we should rise above them and speak more positively about connection, love, and mutual cooperation, about what builds and not about what destroys. So, we should speak as much as possible about positive factors and as little as possible about the negative ones.

I suggest that we have such debates everywhere: at home and at work. Today, everyone is speaking about the current threat, but a person is where his thoughts are. I don’t want to sink into the threat; I want to rise above it, use the positive forces that raise us above the danger, and to annul it. They operate in such a way that all the threats to our security and the security of our society simply vanish.

It isn’t some kind of psychotherapy and sedative for the people. In this manner, our people will evoke a new force that is above our lives. This is the force of connection, which acts against the ego, against the ordinary human nature.

We can clarify and find this force that is born out of our unity and connection, and doesn’t just exist in nature. This is why there was a condition at the gathering before Mt. Sinai. As it is written, ” If you accept the law, good. If not, then it will be your burial place.”
From a “Talk on New Life” 8/12/12

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