The Foundation Of Human Nature

961.1Question: They say that the nature of man has changed a lot. He has ceased to be homo sapiens (intelligent man). Do you agree with this?

Answer: On one hand, it is difficult to say that he was once an intelligent man. But on the other hand, man is born again—this is absolutely certain!

Egoism, as the foundation of our nature, on the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels is quiet, calm, and necessary for the survival of every species. But man is absolutely unlimited; each of us needs everything.

In this aspect we are going through a certain development. At the moment, we are in a state where we can realize that any forward movement, any progress, and any development leads us to destruction precisely because everything is based on our egoistic nature.

If this nature were absent, we could live a perfect life. Strength, knowledge, and opportunities, man has everything except for one thing: we always stumble upon our egoism. No matter what good we start, as they say: “good impulses are destined for us,” all this disappears under the onslaught of egoism. He, like the devil, takes us and through some path quietly leads us off the right path.

Therefore, until we correct our egoism, we cannot do anything with ourselves.
From the TV program “Together about the main thing” 7/18/18

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