“Israel” And “Rome”—Two Forces That Govern The World

937The Book of Zohar: He said, “There must be three rulers of peoples who are standing in the city of Rome in the land, since they extend from HGT de ZA, and they are destined to declare bad decrees over Israel by the Romans. In other words, the flaw that Israel blemished in HGT gave the Romans strength to destroy the Temple and declare bad decrees.“

The Zohar speaks allegorically of the two forces that govern the world. The power of bestowal is called “Israel” (Yisrael, Yashar-El)—straight to the Creator. These are the people, the forces directed to the Creator, and it does not matter who they are by nationality because all this comes from Ancient Babylon and applies absolutely to all of humanity.

And the forces that strive to fill their own egoism are called “Rome.” In principle, the entire current European and, in general, world civilization comes from Rome.

Throughout history, these two completely opposite forces were in a certain contact with each other, more or less in balance, completing each other. The stronger the force of attraction to the Creator, the weaker Rome, the egoistic force of the world, is. Not just our world and not just Western civilization but its egoistic component. The smaller this egoistic component is, the lower Rome falls, the higher Israel rises, in allegorical terms.

We are talking only about the inner state of man and in no way about our world. Nothing will change in our world because we are already in a state of final correction, which everyone must achieve.

It should be emphasized that Israel is not what we today mean by a certain nation of the world with its destiny, culture, and everything that is in it, which everyone knows about like about no other small nation.

The fact is that this nation is special. It was separated from all mankind in Ancient Babylon by its spiritual quality when Abraham started to recruit a Kabbalistic group from the ancient Babylonians and unite into one whole those people who felt the desire to reach the Creator. Therefore, he called this group Israel (Yashar-El), straight to the Creator. It has existed ever since.

For fifteen hundred years, before the destruction of the Second Temple, it existed on the spiritual level as it was created by Abraham. And now, for the last two millennia, it has been disconnected from everything spiritual and there is absolutely no understanding in it why it is called so because it does not feel and does not know its purpose.

Today, if we talk to the Jews, the descendants of the ancient Kabbalists from the group of Abraham, we will find that they do not understand their mission at all and do not know it. They just live, that is all.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #8

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