The Independence Day Of The Entire World

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam honored Israel Independence day very much. He even had a special Shabbat silver knife with the writing “State of Israel” on it. He valued this day enormously. And indeed, Independence Day is a special day because it contains a root of the general correction of the world, of the soul of Adam HaRishon, which begins nowadays. We are inside this drop of semen that begins to develop and realize itself. Therefore this day is so special for us.

Let’s hope that from the birthday of the State of Israel we will come to the day of its real independence. That means we unite so that our connection will spread to the whole world and will oblige all other nations to be in the deep mutual connection as well. And then the entire world will reach independence.

The independence of Israel is a sign and beginning of the independence of the whole world. I hope that we will be worthy of our mission.

We celebrate not an independence day of some country but a beginning of the independence of the entire world from its egoistic nature. The Creator deliberately instilled egoism in us so that we could rise above it and, on top of it, build the image of man, Adam, similar to the Creator.

Therefore while building love for friends we must not forget that we are doing it in the name of the Creator. After all, through the love for friends we build our spiritual vessel. If we succeed to connect shattered parts together, by this we will create a place for the revelation of the Creator.

The Independence Day symbolizes a priceless gift from the Creator to humanity. After all, everything created by the Creator besides this day is produced by spreading of shattered desires from above downwards. Abraham, forefathers, the First and Second Temples that were destroyed, all of it was just a preparation.

The destruction followed by destruction until we reached the last, the longest exile. And finally this exile is over and now begins an ascent that starts precisely from the Independence Day. This is the very first date that was established by ourselves, what is called “from below upwards,” starting point of the correction.

Before that we were all the time just preparing for it by descending from above downwards. And Independence Day symbolizes beginning of the ascent from below upwards and this is why it is such a special day and Baal HaSulam was so happy about it. This is not an ordinary Zionism but a joy about correction of the entire world system.

So let’s wish ourselves not to stop in the middle of the way upwards and finish this ascent at the highest point.
From a talk during a festive meal 5/11/2016

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