When Can The Israelites Be Called A Nation?

933Comment: Now Israel has gained some independence in this land.

My Response: This is not independence at all, but only a condition for us to start working on our real independence so that we, while living here, form a community called a nation (although it is not a nation), which would create a serious mutual connection between us in equivalence of form to the Creator.

The fact that Israel now exists is only a condition for the creation of a group within which, in mutual consent and love, in the cultivation of these qualities, one can gradually come to the quality of mutual bestowal, that is, to the revelation of the Creator. Then we will gain independence; otherwise we will not.

Then it will be possible to call this group, which will connect with each other, a nation. Otherwise, it is not a nation, but just a rabble, broken parts of a former nation who were once united on the condition of mutual bestowal and love.

Question: Then this group, this united nation called Israel, will include not only the Israelis living on this land, right?

Answer: Anyone who wants to. Just like in ancient Babylon. Who came to Abraham? Those who had a point in the heart, a craving, an inner deposit, that I want this, that this is above everything else. Such people will join us. The rest will not, they will just leave, they will not live here. I see such a migration in the future.

Here will come those who have a point in the heart, who want to become the nation of Israel, who aspire directly to the Creator, who gain spiritual independence.

Question: What about the people who once came here?

Answer: They came because they were pushed out by fate, pushed out by the suffering, the hatred of all mankind. It is correctly dictated by the fact that we are not fulfilling our mission: to bring correction to the whole world, to all nations.

That is, all that ancient Babylon, which is now settled around the globe, when in real need for this, must learn the science of its own correction, of improving itself, of rising to the level of true independence from all suffering and its source, in order to become eternal and perfect.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” # 6

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