Shavuot – A Day-Long Eternity

293.1The holiday of Shavuot does not require one to keep any special traditions and lasts for only one day, and therefore passes almost unnoticed. But in fact, this is a very important holiday because it is the basis on which humanity received the method of correction, the way to achieve eternal and perfect life for all mankind.

Therefore, Kabbalists greatly honor the holiday of Shavuot, which symbolizes the reception of the upper force, the method of correcting the world, called “Torah.”

The name “Shavuot” is due to the fact that this holiday comes seven weeks (Shavuot) after Passover, that is, the liberation of a person from his egoism, which is called the exodus from Egypt. After leaving Egypt, he goes through correction for 49 days and on the 50th day, reaches a special degree in his corrections, and becomes worthy to receive the Torah, to reveal the upper light that purifies and fills him.

Shavuot is also called the festival of first fruits because it is celebrated at a time when field work ends and you can already enjoy the harvest.

This means that we have achieved the correction of our desires, and after the holiday of Shavuot we can use them to receive the upper light, to reveal the Creator within them for the sake of bestowal. The revelation of the Creator in the desires of creation and the equivalence to Him in quality—all this symbolizes the holiday of Shavuot.

When celebrating Shavuot, the gift of the Torah, it is customary to eat dairy food, because the Torah symbolizes the bestowal of the upper power to humanity. Milk is a symbol of giving one to another, like a mother feeding a baby with milk. There is no more vivid and natural manifestation of bestowal than mother’s milk.

Shavuot symbolizes the Creator’s bestowal to His creations, revealing His feeling, understanding, attitude, and love to us as if through the mother’s milk. In honor of this, we eat only dairy food on this holiday.

Receiving the Torah means that the Creator gives us a method of correction so that we can change from a state that is opposite to the Creator and become like Him in qualities. In this way, we approach the Creator and can receive from Him the inner fulfillment, the upper light, which is a very joyful event, which is called the holiday of the gift of the Torah.

Every person on earth is able to use the Torah to correct himself and achieve love for his neighbor and love for the Creator, to open his spiritual vision and feel himself inside the eternal flow of life along the infinite axis of time.

To do this, we only need to learn from the science of Kabbalah how we can get closer to each other and through this rapprochement form a place for the revelation of the positive force between us, mutual bestowal, love, and unity. And so we will come to the correction of the world, so that it does not look, unfortunately, as it appears to us today.

Every person who wants to achieve a happy, eternal life must use the inner, practical part of the Torah, which is called the science of Kabbalah. With it, he will be able to correct himself so that he can see himself living in a perfect and eternal world and find eternal life for himself. If he uses the Torah correctly, it will raise him to the level of eternity.

I greet you all on the holiday of Shavuot and wish everyone to get at least a little from the science of Kabbalah in order to see that the upper force this way wants to give us its “milk,” a sense of maternal warmth and eternity. We will feel that the Creator cares for us as a loving mother cares for her infant.

I wish everyone success in this!
From KabTV’s “The Peace” 5/11/21

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