Jerusalem Gates Of Mercy

962.5What feature is there in the spiritual root of Jerusalem that has been attracting different empires, currents, and people for many years to this city?

Our world operates under the control of the higher forces of nature, and Jerusalem is the place of connection between the higher spiritual forces of the higher nature with the earthly forces of our lower material world.

Jerusalem is the very place that connects the spiritual with the material.

In the place where the highest spiritual Sefirot and their consequence, the material Malchut, meet, there appears a transition, a channel, from the spiritual world to the material one through which the spiritual light can pass into this world. And then calmness, abundance, fulfillment, and correction will come to this world.

But while this is not the case, this place that connects the spiritual with the material, which is located in Jerusalem, is very problematic. And we see to this day that there is constant unrest and commotion.

But it all depends on the people of Israel. If we behave correctly and fulfill our destiny, our duty, and become one people in which love of our neighbor as ourselves reigns, then these forces will spread from the people of Israel to the land of Israel and Jerusalem. The power of good will begin to dominate and fill all these material properties with what is present in the spiritual, and then Jerusalem will become the city of the world.

There are eight gates in the wall surrounding the old city, which correspond to the seven entrances that should exist in relation to the seven Sefirot, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut, and one more opposite the Sefira Daat that symbolize a connection with the upper force.

The most famous gates are called “Golden Gate,” “Gate of Mercy,” or “Gate of Eternal Life” and they have remained locked since 1541 after Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent walled them up to prevent the arrival of the Messiah.

These gates symbolize that until we acquire the property of mercy, we do not deserve to open the golden gates and accept the Mashiach, which opens an exit for us and pulls us into the spiritual world. How can this special power of bestowal and love come to us from above if we ourselves are not like that? Therefore, these gates are walled up and no one is trying to open them yet.

Opening the material gates is not difficult, but the question is how much excitement and problems this would cause, from spiritual to material. Complete deliverance is by the people of Israel  achieving the quality of mercy, love for one’s neighbor as for oneself. And then these good forces spread from it, attracted from the spiritual world to the material one.

The people of Israel should serve as a transition from the spiritual world to the material one, and if we manage to become such a transition for everyone, then the forces of the highest abundance will pour down on this world, and this will open all the gates for us. The gates of heaven will open and we will see the upper light filling the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, all of this place.
From KabTV’s “The Peace” 4/27/21

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