The Purpose Of Being In This World

226The goal of man’s work in this world is to achieve complete unification of all people to the point of loving one’s neighbor as oneself. By this, man restores his soul, the common spiritual vessel created by the Creator.

To the extent that in this spiritual vessel (Kli) two opposite forces unite—separation and connection, reception and bestowal—a person reveals the Creator as the advantage of light over darkness. The Creator (Bore) means come and see (Bo-Re), that is, the concept that unfolds as light from darkness.

Alone, no one is able to reach the correction because initially only one common soul was created, Adam HaRishon, which was afterward shattered to the smallest particle, to the smallest spiritual spark in each of us. We exist in this world in order to unite the spiritual points, the sparks of light, that exist in everyone.

Although, this point does not indicate any direction of development, which way to advance, and what to do with it. It only awakens a smallest need for something spiritual that is above this world. But to what exactly, a person does not understand. And that is why people who come to study Kabbalah do not realize what has brought them, what exactly they lack, and where they are drawn to.

And even in our everyday life in this world, in a continuous race for some achievements and replacing one hobby after another, people also do not really understand what attracts and pushes them. But in fact, the same spark that wants to lead us to final correction forces a person to do this work, to give it the opportunity to unite with other sparks and thus collect the first Kli called the ten.

And then other particles will join this ten, other tens, and we will come to a complete correction in the end. Only then will we discover the eternal and perfect life, the full knowledge and feeling of the true reality, called the Creator. Thus, we will reach the realization of the point that led us from the very beginning, pulled and pushed us forward.

For this work, we organize physical tens. Our world exists in order to give us this opportunity to start from something accessible located in front of our eyes. Even before spiritual correction, we have the opportunity to create a material system and work within it according to the advice of Kabbalists: to organize physical tens and add spiritual qualities to them as much as possible.

Even without feeling the upper light and the Creator, we can work inside a small physical group of ten people, awaken the upper light that gradually unites us and reveals spiritual qualities, ascents, and descents inside the ten.

We go through all these changes multiple times: from light to darkness and from darkness to light, through swings of light and dark moods. And afterward, we rise above the moods and evaluate ascents and descents by our closeness or alienation from others and the Creator, our commitment to bestowal or reception. That is how we gradually acquire new values—not from this world but from the spiritual one.

We learn what actions can attract the reforming light, that is, the force of the general light that will affect us and connect us more. Connection is the only correction that is necessary to revive the common soul, which was deliberately shattered to allow us to collect it.

By trying to connect together the conflicting, opposite, and distant parts of the soul, we study what the quality of bestowal is and who the Creator is, and reveal perfect and eternal life.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/21, “The Importance of Dissemination”

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