What Does A Woman Find In Kabbalah?

294.4Question: Why do women come to study Kabbalah and why are there so many of them? What do they find in Kabbalah?

Answer: Women come to us to study because they feel that in this world they have nothing to rely on, that all their feminine, maternal care about a life partner they can rely on, about children who need to be educated, brought up, and supported, that taking care of the house, and about building the right family, they do not know how to do it. And men do not know as well.

Therefore, women see that in this way they begin to receive some answers about how everything works, how everything can be put in order, and therefore, they come to Kabbalah. First of all, because it gives them some kind of confidence, some kind of base, so that they can create the right atmosphere in the house, in the family, at work, in the city where they live, and in the world.

Question: Why is their desire for the spiritual so great?

Answer: I think that women strive, first of all, not for the spiritual. They come to Kabbalah because they see an absolutely unrequited existence in the material.

There is no answer: why and for what do we exist? What is happening here? How to arrange this world? How to do something right with children. There is no answer, and a woman is at a loss. If she has answers to the most important questions about existence, then she is already calm.

And the most important thing is the question: “What will happen to my children, to us?” This question in life, in the world, it is very, very vibrant.

The woman, first of all, comes to answer it. And when she begins to understand that what is being said here is about universal psychology, about universal development, universal correction, and so on, then despite all these enormous scales of Kabbalah that are being revealed—universal and beyond that—women still continue to study, and this is necessary.

This is not from the point of view of acquaintance and curiosity. For a woman, this is necessarily much, much deeper. She is looking for a foundation, a certainty, on which she can exist.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/4/21

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