Knowledge Of Kabbalah Is Indispensable

962.2The science of Kabbalah is revealed to the extent that humanity is disappointed in its development.

Gradually, we will come to a state where humanity will understand that we have a means by which we can push the boundaries of this world, see the second half of creation, and understand where we are going. When we combine these two halves of nature into one, everything will become clear to us. Then we will find happiness, including in marriage.

I do not think that without the knowledge of Kabbalah, a person will be able to build a proper family, raise children. This is absolutely out of the question.

The current school and the current relationship between boys and girls does not give any happiness and fulfillment. Therefore, we cannot do without Kabbalistic knowledge of how to raise children, how to organize children’s groups and education at school, and how to build a family and social relations between people, groups of people, and between nations.

All this we will see only from the part of the world that is hidden from us—the spiritual half. Seeing the second half, we will be able to correctly build the first one.

Let us hope that people will want to see it, take the Kabbalistic method of revealing the world and make their lives happy. At least for the sake of our children.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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