We Will Not Be Able To Hide In An Eco-Bunker

laitman_547.05Remark: In 1991, an experiment was conducted where scientists decided to seclude themselves for two years under a dome divided into sectors with fresh water, plants, and animals. An eco-environment was created for everyone—for plants, animals, and people.

The purpose of the experiment was to find out whether this ecosystem could develop harmoniously. They planned that plants would supply oxygen. Water had to be provided by natural circulation, and food would come from plants and animals.

What did the experiment show? Once the scientists settled in the dome, problems arose very quickly. Within a few weeks  one of the participants cut her finger while treating some plants. She was evacuated, had an operation, and returned.

Two teams of scientists were formed, who opposed each other in conducting experiments.

Photosynthesis did not happen as planned. Microorganisms began to multiply in large numbers, which consumed a lot of oxygen and destroyed the agricultural crops. Many plant species died. There were a lot of cockroaches, although they were not even brought there, and it was unclear where they came from. Due to the lack of wind, the trees became very fragile and began to break quickly.

Scientists barely lasted two years and decided that the experiment failed.

The experiment showed that all ecosystems are very fragile and highly dependent on external influences. It is very difficult to recreate a working ecosystem of Earth.

My Comment: Of course! Do they think that they will do the same thing on Mars later? They will be so disappointed there!

Question: It seems that people brought in a little bit of everything, as in Noah’s ark—a certain number of plants, a certain number of animals. They created an ecosystem so that there would be a cycle of metabolic cycles of substances in nature, and they failed. Why?

Answer: They wanted to do it artificially! Copy nature? If we are in it, then why? If I copy it through
my rotten brain, my egoistic qualities, then what will come of it?

Remark: Today we are talking about the fact that huge anomalies are occurring on Earth: an increase of carbon dioxide, burned down forests, and so on.

My Comment: This is the beginning of the end.

Remark: Man is trying to artificially recreate nature.

My Comment: You will not be able to build a bunker! No one could—not Hitler, not Stalin, nor anyone else. No man can escape from his purpose. Buy yourself a cottage, a villa, on some islands in the ocean, wherever, it will be flooded or something else will happen. It won’t work!

Remark: Everything seems to be perfect; everything is selected and weighed.

My Comment: Failure to comply with the main law of nature immediately leads humanity to destruction. You can make a garden of Eden on some island—which is what the scientists wanted to do—and you will see that it will all fall apart very quickly.

Remark: It would seem that the ecosystem is harmonious and recreates itself.

My Comment: Except for man! It is because he is the only pest in nature. Remove him and all of nature will simply flourish.

Question: What does man bring? Even if he enters with good intentions, something immediately begins to collapse.

Answer: He has no good intentions and cannot have because he is completely egoistic. He can only build everything to the detriment of others. Precisely to the detriment of others!

All animals, when they eat each other, do not harm each other. They, on the contrary, destroy the weakest, the sickest. Man is not like that. The intention is different.

Animals destroy what is harmful to everyone. Therefore, when a wolf catches a sheep or a goat, no matter what, it destroys the worst, from which only something worthless would be born and develop. All nature—inanimate, vegetative, and animate—is created perfectly. And man is all evil.

Remark: Man is also a creature of nature.

Answer: Man is not nature. There are inanimate, vegetative, and animate parts of nature in a man, but in all this his human essence prevails—evil, egoism.

Human egoism does not belong to nature. In nature, everything is balanced, but human egoism is not balanced. If there were some device that could suck this egoism out of a man, everything would be fine.

Question: Why was man given to Earth, and with such great egoism at that?

Answer: So that he would add himself! So he would add a good force to himself! This good force exists in nature, but it is concealed so that a person would discover it, would want to add it to himself, would want to consist of two opposite, equal parts and arrange himself between them.

Question: In one of your programs, you said that if humanity had followed the path of harmonious development, we would now be at an incredible level. Why was it given to a person to develop this aggressive force and then face the catastrophe that is now happening on Earth?

Answer: It is in order for a person to understand what good means. He has to grow out of the bad because the light can only be revealed from the darkness.

Question: Only by destroying everything, ruining the entire planet?!

Answer: There is no need to destroy. No one will let him destroy anything. However, he must feel the destruction.

Question: Does it mean that he can only understand the taste of Earth, the taste of this harmony, from the opposite?

Answer: Of course, how else? There is no other way! How do we attain anything? How do you attain this harmony? Only from the dissonance.

We start our lives from the fact that we break everything. We also bring up our children in this way—to assemble blocks from broken toys. We must create ourselves, and all of us together, from completely broken parts.

Where did it all start? From the Big Bang. That is, everything was shattered. Now we need to assemble it correctly. “Children’s blocks”—that’s what we have in front of us. This entire universe, everything there is—we need to assemble together with the correct connection between them.

Question: One can already see how everything is interconnected by the example of nature. Why do we follow a different path of development inventing additional systems?

Answer: Our little egoism does not let us! Take two children and try to make them play together. Each will grab a toy and will not give it to the other. He will hold onto it tightly and will not play with it. Here is what we are.

Question: How can a person break through, get off one path and move to the other?

Answer: Study the wisdom of Kabbalah. It will explain everything to you. There is nothing else! We have reached the point where we slowly realize this and can talk about it to ourselves and even to others.

This is a very good time! I am very glad that I was born and live in this time.

Question: What does Kabbalah give us? What additional thing will it give that a person would want to see?

Answer: It will give him relief from suffering on the one hand, and on the other hand, the attainment of perfection. Perfection! Attainment of the integrality of all of nature, its completeness, when from all the opposite parts the great absolute nature is assembled.

There is no greater happiness, no greater attainment, and no greater perfection than to attain the mutuality of all the parts of nature from their absolute division and opposition.

Question: What will egoism do in this corrected system? What role will it play?

Answer: It will play its role of the repulsive, despising, pushing apart, and distancing. That’s what the whole system will be assembled on. It is not possible to exist without a minus.

Question: In other words, will it be like a Pharaoh who disperses everything?

Answer: But how is it possible without him? It is not possible.

Question: Will a person just rule over it? Will he know how to do that?

Answer: When it is said that the people of Israel came out of Egypt, they came out of Egypt with gold bars, vessels, and livestock. That is, with vessels in which they can receive, already outside of Egypt, the upper fulfillment. How would you receive anything without Egypt?

Question: Is it the fuel that moves you toward the goal?

Answer: Egoism is the basis of nature. It is only thanks to it that we can attain the other side of it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 2/11/20

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