Counter-Egoistic Movement

Laitman_115.05Question: Our egoistic nature seemingly has two sides. On one hand, the desire for wealth created inequality and poverty. On the other hand, it led to the development of technology, trade, and communication.

On one hand, the desire for power and glory was the source of various intrigues and wars. On the other hand, the state and legislation were established.

Today we are in a unique situation where selfish lures no longer work. What will be the driving force of progress in the near future if egoism has stopped working, when nature does not allow it to work, and there is little that attracts us from within?

Answer: I think we will come to realize that we need to move in a completely different direction opposite to egoism and develop the attitude of human society for the other levels of nature to be absolutely altruistic and integral.

We must pull ourselves together and begin to act with the understanding that we must go against our egoism to unite and take care of each other according to the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself,” and thus move toward a state where “love will cover all crimes,” absolute connection and mutual care.

Then we will be able to overcome the huge potential barrier between our own nature and the common nature so that we will begin feeling the good force that renews and contains all of nature. In this way, we will achieve the revelation of the Creator.

Question: Today a person gets pleasure from taking care only of himself. And you say that he will begin to enjoy taking care of others. How can such a transformation happen since it is against our nature?

Answer: It can happen under the influence of our desire and the upper force.

Question: Then why is egoism needed and what is its purpose?

Answer: So that we ourselves, in contrast to egoism, will become aware of the need to care and be connected by good ties with each other. This is our task.

Question: So egoism is not destroyed?

Answer: No, we must work above it, in spite of it.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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