What Is More Valuable: Human Life Or Economic Development?

laitman_547.06Comment: The fact that human life during the pandemic appears to be higher on the scale of state politics than economic development is unique.

All of a sudden, all the governments started taking care of people and abandoned the economy that had been their first priority throughout history. The economy determined everything, not people. People were not considered at all. And then the turning point came. It is not that the rulers have changed. It is how some upper force acts.

My Response: In principle, we can’t talk about the upper force as if it exists and commands us; we can’t take it into account because we have no mutual connection with it.

The fact that governments were obliged to take into account the fate of ordinary people is because the virus does not distinguish between us. It affects all levels. We have seen the Prime Minister of England, Hollywood stars, ordinary workers, women, and men all contract the virus. It spares no one and spreads everywhere.

Therefore, governments had no choice but to send everyone home. It was the only way to stop the pandemic. It is unknown how many deaths and losses would have come about otherwise, and how it would have all ended.

In addition, when one country does this, the others can no longer stand idly aside.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/30/20

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