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Tuning To My Neighbor

600.02Question: What instruments does the science of Kabbalah offer for studying the phenomenon of consciousness and mind?

Answer: Exiting yourself is what we need to feel the information field that surrounds us. And it is possible to feel it only beyond yourself.

Getting out of yourself is an effort to connect with similar inner tension according to specific laws and rules, i.e., one must, as it were, move into them, put yourself below them. Everything is built on “entering” the other, merging with him, and with all your might, physical and spiritual, help him in everything, excluding your “I.”

If I annul myself and I have an object of which I am trying to become a part of, and I merge with it, enter it, and dissolve in it, then I can rise above myself. This is the practice.

At the beginning, it is often purely emotional. And then, in addition to emotions, common sense, reasoning, and conclusions are added here, a method of exiting and entering another appears, a sensation of ”I” and “outside of me” arises. And outside of me is a field.

Whom am I entering then? And who is this other, my friend? It is some substance I imagine outside of me in which I am trying to dissolve completely. What happens in this case to my consciousness, to my sensations, to my capabilities? This is where the transformation of a person into “plus one” begins.

Question: Does this happen according to the law of resonance? All devices for studying ordinary fields used in physics are devices that use the principle of resonance.

Answer: Here it is the same! I try to subdue myself and resonate with the other.

Question: Is this a general universal law of research?

Answer: And there are no new laws. It’s just that I try to merge all my sensory sensations, definitions, and capabilities with others according to the same physical laws, and nothing more. I tune in as if I were taking a musical instrument and tuning it to a certain reference.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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How To Get To The Point?

278.03Comment: Currently, all free news, if not fake, then is mostly biased. And if a question is very important to you, you have to pay money to get to the bottom of it.

My Response: You won’t get to anything. There is nothing true in any news. Even if you learn something about some event, the one who described it and suggested it to you still works from someone, from something, for something!

If I am guided by my egoism, it means that I involuntarily have to do everything that is good for the customer. And therefore, there is nothing objective.

Question: How can people with such tendencies get to true knowledge if digital dictatorships, the digital elites, will push out more and more what they need?

Answer: We see how this is happening today. Humanity is ready to use drugs just to feel good: “I don’t need anything else.” If before I had beer and football, today I have drugs. Tomorrow it may be some wonderful programs that fill me up.

Without realizing or even realizing that I do not need it, I still want to press it, like animals in experiments press a pedal to get a positive charge of pleasure. The mechanics are very simple.

As long as there is a center of pleasure in a person and it can be nourished, he will be nourished by it. He doesn’t care if it’s true or false, the main thing is that I’m enjoying this moment. And what will happen in the next moment, I do not know and do not want to know. This is all well known.

I think that all technologies will be aimed, first of all, at calming people down, and then at creating conditions for the gradual reduction of humanity.

After all, good material conditions have been created for humanity for people to multiply. But for what? Therefore, other technologies are already working now. I think that in the near future we will begin to feel how much this is all going back to reduction, very serious and sharp.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st Century. Introduction” 4/24/19

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Breaking Away From Egypt

608.02Question: Passover lasts seven days. Why?

Answer: Seven days are seven Sefirot, all levels of our soul. On the first day of Passover, a man leaves the intention for his own sake and continues to get rid of his egoistic intentions on the second and third days, etc., until he completely becomes separated from them. And so he comes to the state called Yam Suf—The Final Sea. He is ready to throw himself into it in order to completely break away from Egypt (from his egoism).

Question: The exodus from Egypt is the last frontier of the material, egoistic world, behind which there is a conventional line called Machsom. Having passed it, a man begins to feel love, bestowal, the spiritual world. What happens to him? What is the transformation beyond this line?

Answer: Beyond this line a man thinks only about how through others can he more and more realize the property of bestowal and love in himself. As a result, he begins to feel in this property that he is being filled with the upper light—the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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Escaping Egoism

232.01Question: On one hand, the Creator was hardening the heart of the Pharaoh, and on the other hand, He was giving him constant blows. The last two blows are the Egyptian darkness and the slaying of the firstborn. What do these states symbolize?

Answer: Egyptian darkness symbolizes absolute evil and absolute emptiness revealed as a result of using the quality of egoism—reception for one’s own sake. You cannot achieve anything with it. Through revealing your ego, you understand that you are in Egypt.

The death of the firstborn means that all your deeds lead you to death. You see that there is no point in starting and doing anything as long as you are in Egypt.

Question: That is, the firstborn (Ben) always symbolizes the next state of man.

In addition to the fact that I feel darkness in my present state, I do not see any pleasure, I do not see anything in the future. If I remain in egoism, I have no future. Is this the state that nature is supposed to bring us to? Only then will we want to leave Egypt? Does a person consciously participate in this or is he forced by nature?

Answer: A person comes to Pharaoh together with the Creator and participates in the ten blows of the plagues. He sees how egoism suffers and begins to move further and further away from it. That is, he no longer attributes the suffering to himself but to the ego that is still inside him.

Gradually, he begins to understand that he needs to get rid of egoism, but he sees that there is no way to destroy it, and all that remains is to simply run away.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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Two Angels Accompany Humanity

631.1Once man comes to his Egypt, over time he acquires greater and greater desire to receive there. At first, he accepts this desire with joy. He feels good about the fact that he is developing, getting richer, and understanding the world.

This is how our entire world has been developing until recently. But we suddenly discover that all our achievements are not good for us. In fact, we have built a prison for ourselves, real slavery that we cannot escape from. Egoism is burying us, binding us hand and foot. Even though we have done so many seemingly good things for ourselves, they suddenly start to overpower us and control us.

First, I work in order to acquire things, and then I have to continue and continue to work in order to maintain my acquisitions, develop, and improve them. I am working harder and harder to pay for a bigger house, a car, a better school for the kids, and a lot of other things.

A person sees that he is in slavery. Previously, he thought that he was arranging life for his own benefit. Now it turns out that he cannot rest and enjoy life. He is working more and more. His wife is working now too, and they still cannot get out of debt. This is real slavery, which has no end in sight.

In addition, the coronavirus pandemic happened, and who knows how many more such blows are awaiting us ahead. We are beginning to realize that we have built a life that is no good. Yet, there is a positive aspect in this because it is now that the wisdom of Kabbalah can be revealed and people are able to listen to it. And this is why it is being revealed.

Then these two forces that appear in nature: the Pharaoh on one hand and the Creator on the other, help us advance to the end of correction, “…the two angels that accompany one on the eve of Shabbat [Sabbath]…”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/21, “Pesach “(Passover)

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Request For Help

562.01At the time when I ask the Creator for help, I do not know in what form He should help me. Also, I do not really want to know because that is His job. I am just asking Him to do His job and bring us to connection.

No more understanding is required from me now than from a child. I can never ask correctly, otherwise it wouldn’t be work from below upward.

Therefore, I do not care how the Creator helps me, I do not tell Him what to do. I only want it to happen that we reach a connection that will be for the sake of bestowal, at a higher level than now. I do not plan how the Creator will do this, I only ask Him to help us reach the desired result.

I understand that in my condition I am not capable of demanding more. If I start adding all sorts of conditions and details to it, I will simply erase my request.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/21, “Pesach” (Passover)

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Spiritual Card Stamped On The Heart

275The Torah is the internal program of our desires, we must organize them according to it, feel its stories and actions generated in us, and begin to live within this system. We are all broken, but due to the fact that we engage in the Torah, its reforming light corrects us and correctly connects all the broken parts.

It is not the elements themselves that are broken, but the connections between them, and by adjusting them, we build ourselves, which is called “raising the Shechina from the dust.” Divinity is all fragmented into small egoistic desires and we need to gradually combine them into one system, which will become one person, Adam, similar to the Creator, where everyone is in mutual bestowal.

In fact, we study our correct internal structure and how to correct it according to the Torah so that the single higher force, besides which there is nothing, will open in us, fill and envelop us. In this way, we will correctly implement the Torah and feel how the upper force operates in us. We will attract it, hasten its opening, and create all the conditions on the part of the desire (Kli) for the manifestation of the power of light in it.

It is said that the Torah must be written on your heart. You need to go through and feel everything that the Torah says from the first words, “In the beginning” (Bereshit), to the last word, “Israel,” the whole process described in the Torah. In this way, we will adjust ourselves correctly and allow the Creator to clothe in us without any hindrances on our part. On the contrary, we will attract and engage Him, by become a correct vessel for the light, Divinity, in which the Creator is revealed.

The Creator created one complete desire, called Adam HaRishon before the sin, but then broke it into many parts. And we need to try to connect these parts, put them back together like a spiritual puzzle in each one of us and between all of us together. And after that, instead of this world, we will begin to see what is beyond it: the spiritual world in which one force, the Creator, rules, and all parts of reality are mutually connected in perfect unity.

Therefore, our perception of the Torah will completely change and instead of history, geography, events of ordinary life, which were presented to us in our egoism, a completely different form will appear—the spiritual one. Instead of many characters and people, we will see desires and how the two forces act: the Creator and the Pharaoh. And between them on this map stands Moses and all of us behind him.

The more we study the Torah, the clearer it will become that all of reality is included in this little book. Nothing else is needed except to imprint it on your heart, that is, on your desires. Then we will be certain that there really is nothing but this.

And for this to become a reality, it is necessary to embody this whole process in the group, in the ten, between us. It is necessary to find out how all the studied material is revealed between us, in our relations. We will begin to recognize these processes, see how they change, improve, and mend.

And the more we want this to happen to us in practice, the sooner we will reach the end of correction and clothe in the Torah, the entire upper light in the Kli called Israel, that is, directed only toward the Creator. The Creator will fill this vessel and “On that day, the Lord will be one and His name, ‘One.’” The light is perfect, the vessel will become perfect, and they will merge with each other.

All this is realized in a group, as it is said: “I dwell among my own people,” that is, within a group that reveals the light more and more as it unites. The light unites us and brings us closer until we feel that we are together in the same process under the influence of one light and become so close that we merge with the Creator, as it is said: “He is one and His name, One.” He, the Creator, is the light, and His name is the desire, the vessel, us. The light and our desires will thus become so similar to each other in the action of mutual bestowal: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,” that the Creator will completely clothe himself inside the creation He created.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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Always In Pursuit Of Egoistic Pleasure

629.4Question: Pharaoh (Hebrew: Parah) is the main acting force. Your teacher Rabash explains that “Parah” means “Peh Ra” (bad mouth). What or who are we talking about?

Answer: We are talking about someone who denies that the world is ruled by a good force, the upper force of the Creator, and claims that the world is ruled by evil, an egoistic force, and that this is the only thing that should be developed and controlled.

Question: If you read the word “Parah” from right to left, you will get “Oref” (back of the neck). What does it mean?

Answer: This is the reverse side of the Creator. In practice, there is one upper force, literally called the Creator, which manifests itself both in a good form and in its opposite: as an evil force called Pharaoh (Parah).

Question: What does it mean that the Pharaoh sucked all the good out of the people who worked for him?

Answer: This is what we see in our lives: no matter what we try to do, nothing good comes out of it in the end because we use egoism only for the sake of reinforcing it.

Question: So it is impossible to enjoy egoism? As soon as we are fulfilled with something, this pleasure instantly fades?

Answer: Not only that, but there is an even greater egoism we fulfill again. Thus, we are always in pursuit of egoistic pleasure that in the end never fulfills us.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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Pharaoh Works For Our Benefit

514.02Pharaoh is not a desire for material well-being: money, fame, knowledge, food, and sex. Any person in the world has such desires. Pharaoh is the name for the spiritual resistance that arises in us.

Therefore, on one hand, we need to fight with Pharaoh, but on the other hand, we need to learn to work with him. No desire can be neglected. All of them were created by the Creator, and we only need to organize them correctly.

I cannot cut off and throw away some of my desires, because then they will be lacking in my system. I must bring all desires to final correction.

No matter what desires are revealed in me, I must transfer everything into giving to the group and through it to the Creator, only in the form “From love for the creatures to love for the Creator.”

Advancement occurs precisely due to our mutual inclusion in each other. The smaller the distance between us, the closer we get, the closer we will become to the Creator. We will begin to feel that this is the same distance.

And then we will see that Pharaoh is also working not against us, but in our favor. He only shows us where there is a lack of correction in the relationship between us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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