Pharaoh – The Reverse Form Of The Creator

565.02The whole wisdom of Kabbalah is how to correctly perceive the nature we are in. We do not change anything in reality except for our attitude, the perception of the world we live in. There is no way we can change reality itself because that is like wanting to change the universe.

We discover that we are inside the forces of nature called the Creator or Pharaoh, depending on our perception. Pharaoh and the Creator are two opposite forms of the same upper force.

Therefore, everything depends on the person. If I accept everything by faith above reason and reveal the Creator in everything, then the Pharaoh seems to disappear. Pharaoh is the incorrect form in which I see the Creator. But as I change, correct myself, and begin to reveal my force for the sake of bestowal, I see that the whole world is in bestowal and love, and there is none else but the Creator. And there is no Pharaoh!

The Creator says, “Let us go to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart.” Because He reveals Pharaoh as the most evil force in creation, He obliges the creatures to reveal the Creator.

The Creator says to Moses, “Let us go to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart.” It is as if he is hiding behind the Pharaoh, and instead of the Creator, Moses sees the Pharaoh: strong, domineering, terrible. But why is this necessary? In order for Moses to need the Creator, His help. And so the Creator hardens the heart of Pharaoh, makes him great and terrible, so that Moses is afraid of this monster.

The force of Pharaoh is growing, and we have no choice but to run to the Creator for help. We want to hide in the Creator, hide under His wings, so that the Pharaoh cannot reach us.

Pharaoh brings us closer to the Creator, to liberation. Who gives the people of Israel all the strength, all the vessels, the desire to get out of Egypt? Pharaoh! Pharaoh raised Moses and organized everything for the escape. Pharaoh is the power that acts on us during our exile.

Pharaoh prepared us for the exit from exile: he organized us, built us, raised us. And when the time comes to get out of exile, he increasingly passes power to the Creator, until we completely get out of the power of the Pharaoh and cling to the upper force, which is called the Creator. With Him, we continue on, and Pharaoh ends his mission.

It is one unified system, working in this way, sometimes by the power of evil, then by the power of good, then by the two together in the middle line. The power of the Pharaoh and the power of the Creator fully correspond to each other, and all so that the person in the middle between them can grow correctly.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/21, “Passover”

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